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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Socks Boot Cover Tutorial

I'll be doing a cosplay soon for an event.  I've been looking for green boots for the look of the character.  But unfortunately, the 2nd hand shoes in OLX are too big for my size, plus I'm not used to wearing boots, so I'm not sure if my feet can tolerate wearing one.

I went to 2 malls, Robinsons Magnolia & SM San Lazaro, no shoes to match the look.  There are green high heels but my feet can't tolerate them... They really HURT! How on earth do people and actresses run in those things?!

I then thought of why not boot covers? Since they're popular to cosplayers, as alternative for their shoes.  You can wear your own high heels which has been proven to be comfortable for you and plus, they're cheap and easy to make.

I asked around Facebook & online shops, how much will it cost me to have one made.  They answered Php 1500.  Expensive! I might as well buy a new pair of boots!

Anyways here is a 'cheat', on how to make boot cover:


  • A pair of thick socks
  • Scissors
  • Your high heels/boots

Step 1 - Insert the socks into your shoe.

Step 2 - Cut a small hole at the heel part of the shoe over your socks.

Step 3 - Slide the heel into the hole you've created.

Step 4 - Do the same with the other pair.

And you're done!


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