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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emperor-Style Tea Party

Today's dad's celebration of his birthday is different than the previous years.  My other family members are abroad celebrating in another country, somewhere in Europe (Spain, Portugal, etc).  So I made sure not be duty today.  That way, my younger sister and I can celebrate his birthday with him.

I've been thinking yesterday of how to make his birthday celebration special.  And I thought of making him breakfast in bed.  As I was looking through google of what does a chinese breakfast look like? Here's what I saw...

Then I thought, why not put my touch into it? Meaning... make it girly! hahaha.  So I thought of using my dainty teapots, teacups, plates etc. Typically for 2-tier plates, in England, they put in pastries.  But dad is not a fan of pastries. So I thought of placing dimsum in the pastry plates instead

Then I had an Intern, Lauren who mixes her own tea blend of lavender and stuffs.  So I used that her tea blend to make a pot of lavender tea.

I think the end result was a success! I believed he felt special on his special day!

Here's my dad, eating his breakfast, emperor-style with western and chinese fusion

Yup, this is one of those moments, you have to capture to remember forever.

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