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Sunday, November 30, 2014

PUA 2014

Today marked day 6 as a urology resident, my 2 years stay as a gs resident was fun and memorable, now I realized, "THIS IS IT PANCIT, Uro na!"

Last Nov 26, marked the opening of PUA convention, it's my first time to attend a PUA convention. I think we're kind of lucky this year since as 1st year, at least Ivan and I were able to attend the convention even only on certain days as compared past years were the 1st years are alway the ones who will cover in hospital.

I was able to attend paper presentations of residents and luckily we got 3rd place. Well good narin, because 2 of papers presented by dr alpajaro got prizes each. Hehe.
For the 2nd day I was on duty but it was alumni night so I attended the alumni night also.
3rd day was a series of lectures and fellowship night, we were not able to go home right away since the taxis refuse to take us to ust due to heavy traffic. This was really frustrating, I vowed when I get rich either I'll have a car to drive my own, or I'll have a 24/7 on call driver always.

I think the real highlight for me of the convention was the alumni night.  I was able to meet the other ust graduate urologists. And despite making a fool of myself in the presentation, I was actually honored to meet them. It's like a family. Hopefully I will be successful as them when I graduate.

I think this one is one of the best shots

Good lyck to us!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum

Yesterday was one of world famous mouse' birthday, Mickey! In celebration of my love for Mickey, I've created a new woolcandie dedicated to him.

At pressent, there's a trend in the Surgery staffroom in playing Tsum Tsum! I learned about this game from Jerrod Maruyama in one of his facebook posts, and I love playing it since the characters are so cute!

Let's begin this tutorial, something unique with this project is that I tried mixing wet and dry felting techniques. This is a first for me to see the effects. 

You'll need your basic felting needle, sponge and wool roving: red, black, white, cream, yellow
Hot water, soap for your wet felting

Let's begin!
1. I apologize for not able to take picture of me doing wet felting, living alone in dormitory with both hands in soapy water, I was not able to figure out how to take a picture yet. Anyways, basically you use your black roving and make an elliptical shape with soap and water. Then your let it dry.

2. With your cream wool, make mickey's face. You can use silver pen to guide you in your needle-felting.

3. You cover the lower half of his body with red wool.

4. You use black wool to shape 2 half circles for the ears.

5. Attach the ears to Mickey

6. Make mini tear drop shapes using your white and yellow wool. Attach to Mickey's bottom part.

7. Make a string like shape with black to attach as his tail.
8. Make 2 ellipticals in Mickey's shorts

9. Now make his face

And your done!
I tried attaching a headpin to make it a phone charm

So cute!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cord wrappers

Everyday When I go to the hospital, I see a man sitting a wheelchair, selling novelty items, like id case, wallets, bone ballpens etc.  I admire his perseverance and his dedication to earn a living despite his disability. Recently, I saw him offer a new product, which is the cord wrapper. It's like a small phone cird which you could wrap around your chargers to protect the ends from bending. It gives it a sturdier support.

You can buy the cord wrappers as P20 per piece, butyou can buy 3 poeces for P50. I don't care if it's cheaper in Divisoria, because I have no plans of going tere this christmas season, it's haywire thre, besides, it's christmas, might as well as help this guy earn his living.

This one I made for Doc Emong

Yeah, I was in the transition of being duty and from when I made this, as evicenced by my ward notes.

Hope you like it doc!
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Loving bunny

At last I was able to make a needle felt project again! After 2 years!

This was delayed since I thought I lost my sponge in my dormitory, after initially making it at home. Anyways, I'm very much satisfied with the result.

I'll call him, loving bunny.

Whenver you're down, he will gladly pick a tulip for you to feel better. I think he's a symbolism of your loving friend, always there for you whenever you're sad, with a problem, depressed, etc.

This is for all the angels out there who makes you feel better when you're having a bad day,
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Elephant and balloon

Handmade offers lots of advantages, every handmade product has a story behind it, or a special meaning behind it. I think that's what makes it really special.  Another advantage is that the person you're giving the handmade product to has the bragging right to say that he/she has one of a kind product and there's a 99% probability that only he/she has that unique product.

One example is this necklace I made for a debutante. I had a hard time thinking of a gift for her, because she almost has everything, and she has an expensive taste, but being a poor resident in training, I have to give something that will fit my budget and at the same time will suit her personality and taste.

I once had classmate who love elephants. She even told me that whenever you receive an elephant, you will have good luck in your love life. In my research, elephants also are a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, strength and power.

I think this necklace would best describe my wish for her, to have a successful love life.

Made from white gold plated necklace, with class A studded charm, imported elephant charm from HK.

Hope she likes it!
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