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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum

Yesterday was one of world famous mouse' birthday, Mickey! In celebration of my love for Mickey, I've created a new woolcandie dedicated to him.

At pressent, there's a trend in the Surgery staffroom in playing Tsum Tsum! I learned about this game from Jerrod Maruyama in one of his facebook posts, and I love playing it since the characters are so cute!

Let's begin this tutorial, something unique with this project is that I tried mixing wet and dry felting techniques. This is a first for me to see the effects. 

You'll need your basic felting needle, sponge and wool roving: red, black, white, cream, yellow
Hot water, soap for your wet felting

Let's begin!
1. I apologize for not able to take picture of me doing wet felting, living alone in dormitory with both hands in soapy water, I was not able to figure out how to take a picture yet. Anyways, basically you use your black roving and make an elliptical shape with soap and water. Then your let it dry.

2. With your cream wool, make mickey's face. You can use silver pen to guide you in your needle-felting.

3. You cover the lower half of his body with red wool.

4. You use black wool to shape 2 half circles for the ears.

5. Attach the ears to Mickey

6. Make mini tear drop shapes using your white and yellow wool. Attach to Mickey's bottom part.

7. Make a string like shape with black to attach as his tail.
8. Make 2 ellipticals in Mickey's shorts

9. Now make his face

And your done!
I tried attaching a headpin to make it a phone charm

So cute!

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  1. Dra nakakatuwa ka naman! May tume ka pa for this haha galing ah!

  2. Hi Avelyn! Just wonderind where do you get your wool rooving? I'm planning to start needle felting as a hobby.

    From your friendly fellow Thomasian

  3. Hi Ms Margaux, sorry for the late reply, been really busy. I get my wool roving from another country. But there's an online shop already who caters needle-felting materials. I believe in Facebook, Box of Pandora I think was the name of the shop.