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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Medical Clerk's Battle Gear

I was once a medical clerk 5 years ago, and this friday, a new batch of medical clerks or should I call Junior Interns will be rotating in the hospital.

First of all, welcome to the new junior intern, if you're a junior intern reading this post.  You feel so excited that after 3 years of reading and studying in medical school, you can now apply all the theoretical information in medical school.  Everybody will look up to you, since you're a senior when you were in 3rd year, and all the medical students will look up to you now that you are a junior intern.

To start off, I'll be putting up a disclaimer.  The tips that you will find in this post are all my personal opinions that you may need in your clerkship.  You would likely benefit from this post if you're a Thomasian, since I had my clerkship/Junior Internship in UST.

Let's start of with your battle gear:

  1. Have a decent stethoscope 
This is one of the fundamentals of being a junior intern, so INVEST on it, meaning, buy a quality grade stethoscope.  Of course having the brand of stethoscope depends on your personality.  If you're the type of person who loses a lot of things frequently then I would recommend you get NOT a Littman stethoscope.

If you're the type who takes time before you'll lose something or you never loses things, then I recommend you get a standard Classic Littmann Stethoscope. 
Personalise your stethoscope, there's a man who goes around hospitals who can engrave your name into your stethoscope and that's great since most of you will have the same color etc.  You can also place any accessory into your stethoscope so you will not lose it.

2. Sphygmomanometer 
A great part of your junior internship life will be on measuring blood pressure (BP) of your patients. Buy something you can carry around with you.  You can buy the usual sphygmomanometers in Bambang.  No need to buy the expensive one.  Have it calibrated in Bambang when you buy one.

3. Pulse Oximeter
When we were junior interns before, we were required to just have 1 in a duty group, but I think this is one of the basics at present. You can buy in Bambang, if you can't go to Bambang, you can order at MD Gadgets

4. Thermometer
There are different types of thermometer, there's the axillary thermometer, which is the cheapest, and which I recommend as well.  They come in different kinds, choose the 1 minute thermometer since you need to work fast in monitoring all your patients.

There's also the infrared ear thermometer which is more expensive.  I don't recommend using the infrared ear thermometer unless you're the type of person who never lose anything.  In the hospital, when there's a "code blue", then you have to drop whatever you're doing and go respond to a patient and do chest compressions (CPR) to a patient. You can forget your things and you might lose them.

5. Med Bag
This is where you will put all your equipments, you can either have a waist bag or a shoulder bag.  It's very popular in Bambang to have the black OB bag, but in my experience, I only used it during the first day and during revalida.  That's the bag where I put all of my medical supplies.  The first three are the very basic things, you'll be needing them in ALL rotations. Choosing the right bag depends on your personality/preference.  I first started using the waist bag, the Le Sport Sac replica, because I find it lightweight and many things I can put in that bag, but over time the waist gave some sort of strain to my lower bag due to the heavy weight.  So eventually I switched to a shoulder bag, at around last 3-4 rotations.  

6. Special Equipments
Here are some of the supplies you'll need in certain rotations.  Meaning, it's ideal to have them all, but if you could borrow, I think it's cheaper that way.

You should have a sterile tongue depressor in your med bag, just in case you have a patient that you'll have to check their mouth.  Have tuning fork at hand. It's recommended that you have Diagnostic Set within your reach, to check for the ears and nose.  I recommend the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set since it's more durable than the other brands, although pricier than the other brands.  I would recommend you borrow this diagnostic set, if you're not planning on going to ENT, Paediatrics specialty.

This is one of the major rotations, you should have a mini notebook with you to list down the things that you have to do and to write notes on the lectures of your consultants and residents.  Have a reflex hammer &  penlight at hand, just in case you need it.

This is also one of the major rotations, and you'll be needing a lot of special supplies here since your patients are children.  Have a paediatric BP cuff, penlight at hand.  Bring lots of bling-bling and put it in your stethoscope, so that children can play with them while you examine the patient.  Have some candies in your pockets as well to give to the children.  If you're at the pedia OPD, have mask always, those kids are highly contagious!

Have clean gloves always at hand, because you'll never know when will be the next time that you have to hold a wound or any trauma patient.  Have a penlight at hand to check for the pupillary reflex and GCS of your neurosurgery patients.

It's important you have a good quality stethoscope so you can listen to fetal heart sounds.

This is one toxic rotation, since your patients are toxic as well.  Bring your tuning fork, reflex hammer, mini snellen's chart, penlight, coffee granules, cigarette stick, vinegar (to check for the senses).

Mini snellen chart, penlight

This are the things I could think of as of now, just comment down below if I forget anything or any rotation I failed to mention.

Enjoy your clerkship/junior internship!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Innisfree Eco Safety Aqua Perfect Sun Gel - First Impressions Review

I got this for free when I bought some korean products online, sorry can't remember which online shop.... peace.... I wanted to try this actually, since I saw in youtube and in social media that this is one of those high-rated sunscreen.

I will not comment on packaging, since I just tried the sachet.
Coppertone smell 
The consistency sticky
The sunscreen is coloured white, with a 'Coppertone' smell, it's very lightweight but a little sticky.  It also casts a white cast over your face when applied so you'll have to adjust your make-up.

My make-up sits very well over it.

lightweight, can put your make-up over it.
sticky, 'Coppertone' smell
No, I really don't like the 'Coppertone' smell of sunscreens
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk - Review

I know this is a little late since summer is over, but I need to test this product first for me to give a reliable review.

I've heard lots of good reviews about the Biore UV sunscreen.  There are a lot of bloggers who love these babies.

It comes in a plastic bottle with a pointed tip.  They release 3 types for this line, I bought the pink one, the Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk. 

No smell, no fragrance 
The consistency is watery and smooth.

The bottle contains a ball inside, just like a correction pen, with ball inside.  You first shake bottle well before use, then apply evenly into your skin.

When applied, it's very watery and your skin easily absorbs it.  It will dry a powdery finish, and your face will feel very smooth.  I actually use this as my makeup base for my face.  There's no sticky feeling like other sunscreens and there's no copper tone smell which I really love.

At first I thought there might be alcohol in the ingredients, since I smelled a hint of alcohol when I applied it on my face, but upon checking the ingredients again, I didn't see any alcohol.

Protect your face from the harsh and harmful UVA & UVB rays with this ultra light yet long-lasting SPF 50+/PA++++ UV block.  Perspiration & water resistant.  Suitable for daily use.  Contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise.
Duration of use 1 month
Very smooth application, true to its claim of Ultra light weight texture.  Really love no sticky feeling and no fragrance.
Pricey: php 380
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aritaum Color Lasting Tint - Review

I really enjoyed my Aritaum water sliding tint, this lead me to check for other Aritaum lip products.  I came across their Color Lasting Tint.

I bought mine from Instagram: @seoulfindsmnl for Php 490.  I bought it preorder and was able to receive it after approximately 1 month.

I got the shade #3 - Peach Puree and here's my review:

It comes in a black sleek plastic tube, with a doe foot applicator, leaf-shaped for more precise application.  

This smelled really good! It smells like peach. I think this line has the smell according to it's name
Jelly like consistency
It's very pigmented and swipes into lips very smoothly. You can smell the peach when you apply it onto your lips which is a plus for me since I like fragrant lip products.   When applied, it's moisturising like the water sliding tint, your lips will feel good.  After a while, it will feel dry but not to the point that you have to put on lip balm.  My dry lips don't chap when I use this and I don't need to apply lip balm whenever I use this. The color has a hint of coral with pink base.

Longevity and Kiss Test 
It lasted for around 4-5 hours for me without any retouching. During the kiss test, the gloss will transfer into your hand but it still leaves a stain onto your lips.  

It's not food-proof.  When I washed with water, this is what it looked like on my hand.

Try-out Duration 2 weeks
Very smooth application, precise, pigmented, a little moisturising, 
A little pricey for a lip tint, php 490
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Innisfree Promegranate Mask

This is one of my face mask sheet hauls from Hong Kong. Applying face mask sheets are really relaxing.  I'm still recovering from lack of sleep and having face mask sheets can in some sort of way, calm your senses.

Innsfree It's real Squeeze Mask Promegranate

PS: I'm blogging through my mobile, so forgive the raw images and their quality.

 Packaging Looks simple. I think less is better anyways for sheet masks. It claims to make your skin firm and supple.
 ScentMild peachy scent
 Mask SheetRegular Cotton Mask Sheet

Feels cool to the skin when applied.  I'm concerned with the quality of the sheet mask, I tried to readjust the sheet mask while 90% already on my face, and the sheet mask tore a little bit.
 Immediate after Immediately after removing the sheet mask (30 min), it left my soft, a little sticky, light feeling.
Morning afterMade my skin moisturized and soft, a lottle sticky
 Price Php 50, if I convert the $hk to peso when I bought this
 Rating 6/10, So-so sheet mask
Recommend? Um...? Maybe for the price.. There are better sheet masks available

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