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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aritaum Color Lasting Tint - Review

I really enjoyed my Aritaum water sliding tint, this lead me to check for other Aritaum lip products.  I came across their Color Lasting Tint.

I bought mine from Instagram: @seoulfindsmnl for Php 490.  I bought it preorder and was able to receive it after approximately 1 month.

I got the shade #3 - Peach Puree and here's my review:

It comes in a black sleek plastic tube, with a doe foot applicator, leaf-shaped for more precise application.  

This smelled really good! It smells like peach. I think this line has the smell according to it's name
Jelly like consistency
It's very pigmented and swipes into lips very smoothly. You can smell the peach when you apply it onto your lips which is a plus for me since I like fragrant lip products.   When applied, it's moisturising like the water sliding tint, your lips will feel good.  After a while, it will feel dry but not to the point that you have to put on lip balm.  My dry lips don't chap when I use this and I don't need to apply lip balm whenever I use this. The color has a hint of coral with pink base.

Longevity and Kiss Test 
It lasted for around 4-5 hours for me without any retouching. During the kiss test, the gloss will transfer into your hand but it still leaves a stain onto your lips.  

It's not food-proof.  When I washed with water, this is what it looked like on my hand.

Try-out Duration 2 weeks
Very smooth application, precise, pigmented, a little moisturising, 
A little pricey for a lip tint, php 490
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  1. I think you should watermark your lip picture, someone might steal kisses from you.