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Friday, July 29, 2016

Ate Resident's Tips to Junior Interns & Senior Interns: Don't Let the Patients Bully You

I'm always a pro-senior intern type of resident.  I may favour senior interns more than junior interns but I think this post will apply to both audiences.

In my 4 years as a surgical resident, I would always get irritated when some patients will bully my senior interns.  This usually apply to the private division.  There's a recent post here I read and discovered from social media of an intern writing about how the patient from a government hospital accused her or "Wala ka kasing Puso, Pinagpapapractisan niyo lang kami." Sometimes you even encounter patients who won't let you interview them. I was surprised actually that a patient from a government hospital would behave like this.  Because in our clinical division, we seldom encounter these patients.

We always encounter these patients in the emergency room.  Well you can understand, the stress of a patient or a parent for his/her child.  They would want always the best medical care be given to them. Because to them this may be a matter of life or death. So understanding their situation is a very important key area in these situations.

But you must understand also that being a junior intern and senior intern is a journey.  Every doctor undergoes this stage.  Even the most successful doctor in the whole wide universe did undergo that stage.  That stage when while young, your exposure to real patients after undergoing 3-5 years of theoretical books in medical school.  That most successful doctor you could think of will not be what he/she is today without undergoing this stage in their path of becoming a consultant.

Do you ever wonder why it's not the 1st year medical student, nor 2nd year nor 3rd year medical student who is inside the emergency room? or who is in the out patient department (OPD) interviewing the patient? Well it's because only a junior intern or someone who has completed 4 years of medical course is QUALIFIED to be inside the emergency room and inside the out patient department.  So don't feel too degraded when you're the youngest inside the emergency room and inside the  OPD. You're QUALIFIED to be there.

We all wished that we'll be in the ideal set-up, a 1:1 doctor:patient relationship.  But right now, in the Philippines, we sometimes can't always have the ideal set-up.  We're still a developing country.

So when a patient comes inside the emergency room and demands that he/she sees a resident or a consultant. Don't feel degraded or sad.  Because at that moment when your resident or your consultant is not around because they're attending to another patient or saving someone else more critical, or in the conference, you're the ONLY one there that's qualified to diagnose and to give first aid to that patient. Well you're the DOCTOR there right? You're the one in there that's most knowledgeable about diseases and how to treat them.

I'm not saying that you be arrogant.  You can always ask the patient, "Hi I'm Dr ____, I'm sorry but the resident/consultant is currently attending to a patient/attending a conference, is it ok with you that I attend to your concerns first before they arrive or are you willing to wait for their arrival?" Then let the patient decide.  For sure, if the patient thinks the condition is urgent, they will agree that a young doctor sees them rather than none. If they decided to wait, then let them wait, unless if it's critical.. like the patient has difficulty breathing or has a gunshot wound or a stab wound.  Do everything you need to do and render 1st aid and CALL your resident.

So don't let the patients bully you and let you feel degraded.  They're just as agitated because of their concern with their lives nor their loved ones.  You just need to remember, you're not an INTERN LANG. You're an INTERN NGA. There's a reason why hospitals chose to place you there in the first place. You're a Doctor there, and it's part of your job to treat these patients.

Residents and Interns are a team.  We back each other's back.  Be sure though that before you give your treatment that you verify this with your residents and consultants, because you're still under their care by law, and it's their license which is at risk of losing if anything goes wrong.

Always remember, You're the Doctor there, and Don't let patients bully you.  You're the one who is most qualified to treat them when your residents or consultants are not around.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ate Resident's Tips to Junior Interns: Proper OR Attitude

I always start with a disclaimer.  These are all my personal opinions and tips for you junior interns as a surgery resident.  They're not in any way endorsed or rules implemented by the Surgery Department.  These tips are most applicable to the UST Hospital Setting, since I had my junior internship, senior internship, and residency in the UST Hospital. Different rules may apply to other institutions.

Greetings my fellow junior interns =D.  Welcome to Surgery Department, here you'll experience lots of fun things and sad events, and these are important in your process of becoming a physician.  They say, that this department is one of the coolest department (nagbubuhat lang actually ako ng sarili kong bangko/lamesa) hehe. Anyways, let's get to the tips and enough lame intros.

Every year, there'll be an incident when a junior intern will be asked to scrub out of the OR.  This is a common thing, ever since I was a junior intern, may napapascrub out na.  As  a junior intern, you don't know why pinascrub out ka??? Then you come in to conclusion, residents are power tripping.  This is the stupid "hierarchy" in UST.

Now that I'm a resident, let me tell you "MY" side of the story as a Resident.

Being inside the operating room is a privilege, you know why? Because of all the 400-500+ junior interns in your batch, you're the one chosen by God to be involve in a surgical case, whether it's appendectomy, knee replacement, nephrectomy, thyroidectomy etc.  Not all are given the chance to go inside the operating room and be involve in a case to save the life of a patient.  So do you get my point? Treasure every case you have.  Because not all junior intern can see a person opened up to cut out his kidney, thyroid, breast, etc. Who knows, this may be your last chance to witness this case, you may never be able to go inside the OR again if you will not choose the surgical field.  So treasure this chance!

Now that you see that every case is a privilege, you should also accept that this comes with a responsibility.  With every privilege comes with responsibilities (Parang iba ata to sa Spiderman quote, great power comes with great responsibility ata sabi dun).  As being the JIIC (Junior Intern in Charge) of the patient, you have the privilege to go inside the operating room and be part of the surgical team.  You're PART of the surgical team. The patient has entrusted his/her life to the 'surgical team'.  So it's your responsibility as part of the team to study about your case.  

Let me stress this out more:
If you'll imagine, you're the patient, "Kanino ka magpapaopera?" 
  • To someone who is a summa cum laude who did not study about your surgery? or 
  • To a normal surgeon who studied every detail of your surgery/case?
Every time I ask this, to my junior interns, I always get the same answer.  And yes, your answer is their answer.

So it's just fair and just to the patient that you go inside the operating room, and cut open a part of his body but YOU SHOULD Have at least an Idea of what you are doing! Because I personally would never let another doctor who knows nothing about the surgery to do any surgery on me.

So now do you get my point? Study every case before going inside the operating room.
What do I have to study as a junior intern you'll ask....
  1. First of all, know your patient, meaning, you should have talked to the patient, interview him, why is he here admitted in the first place?
  2. Study the anatomy involve in the case.  If you'll do a nephrectomy, study the kidney anatomy, if you'll do breast surgery, study the breast anatomy. - You spent 1 whole year studying human anatomy, you spent a lot to buy Netter, might as well use it now.
Those are the 2 basic things that EVERY JIIC SHOULD KNOW.  Knowing the process of the surgery, why the surgery is being done are plus things you should know.  If you know the first 2, I guarantee you that you will not be asked to scrub out of the case.

Another responsibility is being the JIIC, you should know the schedule of your surgery: Meaning, you should be the first one inside the operating room, you should be the one accompanying the patient from the ward to the operating room.  As a patient, isn't it nice to see that one of your doctors is with you all the way from the ward to the operating room??? This is what the UST Compassion is about.  You are how old already? 20+ right? You're an adult, you're freaking going to do surgery already, so you should be disciplined enough to be there on your own.  It's not the nurse's, not the resident's, not the consultant's responsibility to call you why you're not in the operating room yet.  It's YOUR OWN responsibility to be there on time.  For me, this is responsibility and discipline, this is NOT hierarchy. Besides the surgery can start without you, and it's not the residents nor the nurses loss that you lose that opportunity to see a surgery.

Oh yeah... another thing, please eat before you go inside the OR.  You falling down and contaminating the surgical field is the last thing the residents/consultants need to worry about.  Not eating your breakfast or your lunch prior to OR and going hypoglycemic will only endanger the patient and predispose the patient to infection if you fall down the operating field.  There's nothing martyr in not taking your food prior to the OR.

Lastly, bring your proper gear.  Be responsible enough to bring your own scrub suits, your own hair net, your own mask, and don't forget your smart phone.  Who knows you might need to call your runner to get some things needed.

These are some tips I could think of as of now.... I'll add more if I thought of more. Enjoy surgery rotation =D Remember, we've been there... Nagawa na namin yun kalokohang ginagawa ninyo ngayon. =D Naging junior interns din  kami dati =D.
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Canmake Mermaid Gel - Review

It's really nice for certain companies to give trial kits, so you can try them out and check if that product will work for you or not without breaking your pocket.

I got this freebie when I bought some Canmake Products.

No comment on the packaging since this is a freebie trial sachet.
Smells like fragrance-free lotion.  This has the similar smell of VMV Sport Sunscreen.
The consistency is your typical cream, a little sticky.


  • Powerful, yet delectably moist, 
  • SPF50+/PA++++
  • smooth gel without that roughness or stickiness characteristic of most sunscreens. 
  • Recommended for those who prefer a light, refreshing sunscreen
  • Gel breaks down into a watery texture as you smooth it over your skin
  • After using face wash, this is all you need for complete skincare and UV protection, can also be used after your usual facial lotion and other skincare products, serves as a moisturizing make-up base with UV protection
  • Infuses your skin with moisture, helping your foundation to sit better and last longer
  • Use it on your body, as well as your face, this pleasant watery gel contains 85% beautifying ingredients
  • Sunscreen is most effective when reapplied frequently
  • Comes in an easily portable tube that makes it simple to adjust the amount you apply, so it's perfect for reapplying sunscreen when you're out and about.
It's easy to apply, smooth, with minimal stickiness.  It's lightweight, doesn't give a white cast when applied.  I've never used a make-up base before, so I don't know what to expect and I don't have a baseline product to compare to.

So to put this to the test, I compared this to The FaceShop Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion, this is my go to moisturiser prior to applying any make-up
I did not see any difference compared to the rice ceramide.  There's no difference with the color of my eyeshadow and blush comparing the two.  So I think as a make-up base, it's not in any better compared to a moisturiser.

Let's test the longevity...

In terms of wear, there's no difference also compared to the moisturiser. It's long-lasting, lasting for 11 hours.
Duration of use4 days, 1 sachet can be used for 2 days. I used 2 sachets before writing this review
SPF 50/PA ++++ - The sunscreen is what I love most about this product, it protects you from sun damages without giving you the 'white' cast that most sunscreens give.
I don't think it's any better vs moisturiser as a makeup base.
So-So (Probably during the Summer)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Maybelline Lip Flush - Review

I first learned about this line from a Youtuber, Doll Up Mari.  I was intrigued with what she was a very comfortable formula and nude shades.  So I tested them out.

I bought my lipstick from Watsons, P229.00 in the shade PK02.

It comes in a silver plastic tube with pink translucent plastic cover. With the cover, it's shaped rectangular.

This smelled really good! It smells like candy.  When you apply it onto your lips, it always makes me want to lick my lips.
It has the same consistency of Aritaum Water Sliding Tint, it's very creamy and has the consistency similar to a lip balm.
This is a nude shade, perfect for your everyday use.  It has a like touch of pink to it and a little glossy.  There's a hint of glitter to make it a little bit of shiny.  

When applying, it feels SSOO SMOOTH! It glides perfectly on your lips.  I feel like I'm applying lip balm every time I apply it.  It's very moisturising to your lips.  In fact, you don't need to wear a lip balm underneath it or over it. You'll always get the feeling that you're applying a quality product onto your lips

Longevity and Kiss Test 

There were no claims that this is a long lasting lipstick.  The lipstick lasted for 3 hours.  You'll definitely need to reapply during the day.

It's not kiss proof and not water proof

Try-out Duration1 week
Very smooth application, moisturising to your lips , nude color, perfect for everyday use, sweet yummy candy smell
not long lasting (only 3 hours...)
9/10 (-1 for its short longevity)
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

ArtsyMed Mini Giveaway!

I frequently see Youtubers & bloggers organise giveaways to their readers and subscribers, and I've always wondered what it feels like to do a giveaway?

They say that when you do give to others you will have this 'feel good' feeling.  Why not put this to the test?

Since I'm  not that rich and extravagant... I will first try to do a mini giveaway.

Contents of Mini Giveaway:
  • Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam - Revitalising (Blueberry)
  • Lip Hop Snail Lip Treatment
  • L'oreal Tint Caresse B05 (Tulip Blossom)
Mechanics of the giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Instagram: @alck_lim
  2. Share this post in any form: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  3. Comment below with your email address to enter
  • Reminders: Only comments in this site will be included in the giveaway
  • Open to Philippines only
  • Delivery will be shouldered by me
  • Giveaway will end on July 31, 2016
Hoping this will be successful.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush - Review

I think this will be my first blush review.  This brand was also the first japanese makeup brand I ever tried.  I learned about Canmake in Instagram and in Youtube actually.  Before, as I travel to Hong Kong, I often see this in SaSa, but I didn't dwell or look into it much.

Anyways, besides Korean makeup, I think Japanese makeup is getting more popular this year, well at least for me.  I think my phase of getting crazy over Korean makeup is slowly being replaced by Japanese makeup.  The only limitation I have with Japanese makeup is that they are more pricey compared to Korean makeup, so there's a bigger risk in experimenting with Japanese makeup.  Plus most are online, so you can't test them out and check if the color suits you or not.

Good thing, more and more Japanese brands are found in our stores here in the Philippines.

I reached pan of one of my favourite cheek blush, the Face Shop blush: I Make you Sweeter, I forgot the shade though.

I went into Trendsetter's Bazaar and to my surprise, the @canmakeph was on sale during the bazaar.  50% of on the blushes, eye shadows, foundation, etc.  So you've guessed it: I hoarded.

So here are my thoughts on the Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush - PW16 (Nable Orange)

It comes in a clear plastic container, with what looked like diamond cuts and a little print on the corners.  This gives that cute but simple packaging.

No smell
As the name says, it's a powder blush.

There's one thing I can't explain with this product.  When I first swatched it, it's pigmented as you can see in the picture.

This is one magic of Canmake I can't fully explain.  As seen in the swatch in my hand, it's very pigmented, I was kind of afraid at first that when I apply this onto my cheek, it will look unnatural.  But I was surprised to see the results! They look natural, like you're blushing because you saw your crush.  They're perfect for your everyday makeup.

There's a hint of glitter when you apply it, so it will give you that 'glow'.

Duration of use1 month
Pros'Natural' look with 'Natural Glow'
Pigmented, but when applied, looks natural.
Pricey (P480), but I got mine at 50% discount
If you don't like glitter on your face, this is not the product for you.
Sometimes you get minimal fall outs

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner - Review

I woke up one day and said to myself, I want to wear gold eyeshadow.  This is just so random and my head won't stop bugging me.  So I tried to look for gold eyeshadow or any palette with gold eyeshadow in it.

I asked from youtube what brand or palette I could use.  A lot of people replied to have the urban decay palette, but I was not sure that this sudden obsession will last long for me to invest on an urban decay palette.  A lot of people suggested few local brands, but I couldn't go to the mall to buy them... I was busy the past 2 months and stressed out because of the in-service exams.

Then I saw in BeautyMNL this eyeliner, and I said to myself, OMG! This is the one.  The perfect golden yellow I was craving for.

Anyways enough chitchat, let's head with the review. Oh by the way, I got the shade 09 - 18K Gold

It's a pencil type with gold cover and gold cap.  The cap fits snugly and doesn't fall off easily.  It looks elegant and because of its golden color, it's easy to find in your makeup bag/pouch vs the other eyeliners with the usual black color.

When you open the cap.. this is what it looks like

It smells like melted plastic.
It's gel-type consistency, very smooth when you swatch it.
Swatch here are the swatches

Application  This is the best coloured eyeliner I used so far! It was very smooth and glides easily into your eyelids, there's no tagging of your lid.  Whenever I compare this to the Etude House Play 101 pencil, which is very similar to it, Holika Holika beats the play 101 pencil by a mile.  It does not smudge when it sets.

It lasts all day and I didn't have any smudging.  But I experience fall-outs of the glitter.  By the end of the day, I some glitters on my face

Claims Claims to Draw slim to bold lines depending on your preference; long-lasting waterproof formula stays on without smudging, flaking, or smearing; highlights and defines the eye with a hint of shimmer and glitter

Well it really holds to its claim of no smudge, no flaking, nor smearing, and w/ glitter and shimmer.

Waterproof Test:

Duration of use 1 month
Pros Very smooth application, literally glides on your eyelids, waterproof, easy to remove with makeup remover, affordable: php 265
Cons Fall-outs of the glitters, you have to sharpen the pencil (Sorry I usually prefer the auto type wherein you just twist the bottom to get more product out.

Recommend? DEFINITELY!!!
Rating 9/10
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