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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eye Patch Bunny Watch necklace

I kinda miss making polymer clay stuffs, so I decided to make this watch necklace for old times sake =D. I kind of find him cute.
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ebook - Smith’s General Urology, 17th edition

Smith’s General Urology, 17th edition, provides in a concise format the information necessary for the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases managed by urologic surgeons. Medical students will find this book useful because of its concise, easy-to-follow format and organization and its breadth of information. Interns and residents, as well as practicing physicians in urology or general medicine, will find it an efficient and current reference, particularly because of its emphasis on diagnosis and treatment.

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Obstetrics - PostPartum Hemorrhage

Handout for OB Case 3
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Bijou Watches

More Designs for the revolutionary Bijou watches.

The Dirty little secret of my Bijou Watches is that you can use it as a watch, wallet, cuff & pencil case. In fact you could keep your money even while wearing it as your watch/cuff. Holdapers won't suspect that you're hiding your money in your watch.


100% Guaranteed no repetition of design in Bijou Watches.
More Designs:

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Monday, December 7, 2009

From Craft break

The new sched of my 2nd semester is more toxic than before, meaning, no more free time, no more extra time to do some crafting, but if you're a crafter, you really get to find time to do some crafting. =D

I just recently experimented on making a lolita inspired accessory, bijou watch in particular. I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that a simple lace can make your work so pretty & cute & really "bading". I'm now in a danger of being converted into a lolita accessory crafter.

I would surely want to try nex the top hat =D It looks so cute! =D. Maybe when christmas vacation comes, I'll be able to make one.

Some more closeup pics:
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Personalized Bag Hooks Batch 1

Good thing these bag hooks are invented! They're very much useful, especially in parties. Most of the time we place our bags in our lap or on our back. This is uncomfortable especially when you're eating, sauces might even stain your bag. Plus if you put it in your back, it may fall off, or even gets stolen.
What's great about this is that it's foldable, very compact & easy to bring wherever you go.

I like making personalized bag hooks, it adds a touch of personality =D & most of the time if your name is in it, you know which is really yours.

As requested by my mom. She asked me to personalize bag hooks for her. She'll give these as gifts in Christmas.

How they look when hanging:

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sneak Peak... MTO: Bijou Watch

Everybody has been very curious of what my felt projects look like. Well here's a sneak peak.... it's Bijou Watch!

Here's a modified version of my Bijou Watch. Why modified?? Because it was modified to suit the request of the client, this design was bought & requested by my classmate.

This modified version is a little similar with my original bijou watch. 1st, they're both watches, 2nd, they're both made of felt, 3rd, Both takes me 6 hrs just to finish 1. The differences... You'll see in the future

Bijou watch is very precious to me, well because this is original, meaning... it has a dirty little secret originally thought by me, & I'm not telling it yet, not until I release it here in multiply & on Nov 28 in the UP AME bazaar.

I even thought of applying for a copyright for this product. Well because I'm a very greedy person & I don't want others replicating my product or even it's dirty little secret. But it's kind of expensive & I realized that the money I'll spend for the copyright is more than my profit in selling 10-20 bijou watches.

So as of now.... I'm praying that no one has thought of the same secret as mine. I seriously want to be the first to release this type of product. Because of financial difficulties I can't apply & pay for the copyright.

Of all my products, Bijou watch is the most precious to me & this is the one which I have the most faith in when it comes to marketing value.

But of course you'll never really know until you release this to the public right?

Anyhow, I always have a backup plan, that if ever the bijou watches will not sell, I'll keep them all for myself!

Hoping for the best.
May God guide & bless my bijou watches.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ms Yeti Plush

My second attempt to make a yeti, this time, she's no longer anorexic like before, which is good right? =D

As I was comparing both yetis...

My 1st Anorexic Yeti

My Newer Ms Yeti

Do you think this will sell if I release this out to the market?
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Materials for Kairi Cosplay

I just bought the materials I needed for the cosplay. Nakakadrain talaga ang divisoria because of all the people. But it was worth it. Actually i don't know if nakamura ako or hindi... The total of all was 1000+ around 1075 I think for everything, the fabrics, the wig, the shoes, the buckle, the zippers & some swarovski, too bad wala na yun size na gusto ko na swarovski so I wasn't able to buy the size I wanted. Titipirin ko nlng yun swarovski rhinestones dito sa bahay.

Actually yun wig ang nagpamahal, kc P450 yun wig, pro yun ang gs2 ni mama kc dw makapal dw, tska yun color similar sa picture, tpos sbi dw ng nagtitinda is washable nmn dw xa, yun d ko alam, well you know naman in 168, wag ka basta maniniwala sa mga seller. Meron dun mga around 100 -350 na mga wigs, but wla yun color na similar kay kairi, either black, brown, or red yun andun, e kairi is like auburn ba tawag dun bsta reddish black.When I was talking to my mom, sabi ko "ma, ok narin yun 1000 na patahi no, sakanila na yun fabric" sabi ni mama hindi no, "magandang tela yun binili natin, xempre kpag sa iba di ka naman bibigyan ng magandang tela nun."

There's a change of plan by the way. My mom told me that wala daw siya tiwala that I'll be able to make my costume right. hahahha. so... sabi niya, magpapatahi daw ako, siya na bahala sa bayad. =D But I insisted still on making one, sabi ko, I'll just make another version, purple nlng, para di madoble. That's my craft soul being stubborn talaga.

I just hope this project will work out para di nmn sayang pagod namin ng mom ko in searching for all the required materials in divisoria. Sana meron nalang 1 store dun na andun na lahat no? pero wala e, or di lang namin nakita kung meron.

Oh holy crap! I forgot to buy purple thread for the purple dress! hm... isip isip... meron kaya yun tita ko??? or meron kaya malapit dito samin???
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

magsisipag na ako

Promise, 2nd semester mag sisipag na ko....

Tamad kc ako this sem.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I think I wanna cosplay Kairi

I've been searching cosplay characters that I can cosplay. Then I came across kairi from kingdom hearts 2. I soooo love her outfit! I mean it's really cute!

So I decided, if ever matuloy ako in participating sa cosplay, I wanna be kairi. I've talked to some of my friends & they agreed to join me in the cosplay too. They're just waiting for my go signal. Why? Because I have to ask permission from my parents, because I'll be spending & borrowing my mom's sewing machine. I planned on making my own costume. Hopefully I can make it & also make it in time.

My target date is on Nov 8, as suggested by vyron. I originally thought that I'll just wear the kairi on Nov 28 if ever I can help sis nuni in selling in the bazaar. But since my schedule is unpredictable, I set my deadline on Nov 8, because on Nov 8, I'm still on semestrab break, our toxic life in school starts at nov 11.

I'm really excited on making this costume. To tell you the truth, it's the process of making the costume that I'm more excited than the cosplay itself. In fact, I haven't played kingdom hearts 2. I played kingdom hearts 1 before, but didn't finish it. I don't have the patience in playing RPGs for some reason.

To tell you the truth also, I haven't tried making a costume or sewing a dress or any clothing... Never tried cosplaying also.... I'm a little nervous but excited =D

Sana pumayag parents ko... tska sana matuloy to...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Felt Craft Projects

Here's a few of my felt craft projects. I got so addicted at felt crafting. =D
The pink owl is for my own ipod pouch, while the frog was the one requested by my sister for her school supplies.
This purple one here is requested by my friend for her mp3. Unfortunately I forgot to put allowance in sewing, so it turned out smaller than her mp3 & as a result she can't use it. Since I don't have the heart to throw it away, I kept it & used it as my USB pouch.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bakit ganon?

Nag-aral naman ako, 2x ko binasa yun mga topics, pero nung test kanina wala pa akong kalahati.... =(
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

So tempted to alter some clothes

We recently received some old slightly used clothes from my aunt. Most of them are long sleeves, since she usually buys long sleeves for formal occasions. I'm not a fan of long sleeves hehe. So I'm very much tempted to alter some of the clothes for fun, & also so I can wear them casually.

The only thing that's stopping me is that we have exams the following week, as in major exams, so I have to study, which I hate. My mind is telling me to study, but my heart is telling me to craft. Hahaha, cliche like love struck tele-novelas in TVs.
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My 1st Naruto Necklace

This is my first attempt for glass tile pendant. I like this, because it has the same effect as resin but without the "smell" that's dangerous to your lungs.

I know, I know, it's a little dirty. Because the printer ink is not waterproof, so upon sealing with modge podge, the ink bled.

I'm planning on including this in what I'll be selling in the bazaar as "manga necklace", but I change my mind. Why? well because, my sisters are asking me to make some for them, & I only have 12 glass tiles here, plus I'll be making one for my mom, then one for my self, hahaha. In short there'll be no more glass tiles left for the bazaar.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I was appointed to be a leader of our pediatrics group project. Thanks to my classmate who pointed me when they're choosing.

Thinking of ways how I can get back at him.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Psychiatry Handouts

Some Chapter Summaries of Kaplan 10th ed
Typed by Avelyn

Child Abuse & Maltreatment

Download Child Abuse & Maltreatment Handout Now

Pervasive Disorders

Download Pervasive Disorders Handout Now

Separation Anxiety & Selective Mutism

Download Separation Anxiety & Selective Mutism Handout Now

Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Download Disruptive Behavior Disorders Handout Now
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Radiology Nosebleed

Studying for radiology... can't understand what I'm reading....
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

What goes into mind goes

As we were having our short quizzes in exams in Infectious module, I've come to realize that duing the dictated identification exam, whatever comes into mind first, write it down. Because that's probably the correct answer.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Berek & Novak's Gynecology

File type: CHM
Requires Winrar

Total size: 117mB

Download Part1!

Download Part2!
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