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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First Impressions Review: Cathy Doll - Milky Splash Essence

As what you've read in my previous posts, I got sick, I wasn't able to put on some makeup while I was sick.

Anyways, let's try the beauty reviews again...

I brought this to convention, since this comes in affordable, travel-friendly sachets.

No comment on the packaging since I bought the sachet. But the sachet design is so girly and cute!

Has a sweet floral scent, not too overpowering.
The consistency is gel-like consistency, then what's unique about this product is that it turns into milk droplets! True to its name, "splash" essence.  If you'll look closely, you can see some gold particles in it.
It's easy to apply, smooth, with no stickiness.  It's lightweight as well.  I'm torn between its milk droplets effect though, it's something really unique and this is the first time I've encountered a product that gives this interesting effect.  But I think the thing that sets it apart the most is a disadvantage on my part, since you have to rub your skin more than the usual to have the droplets be absorbed by your skin.  So if you're in a hurry, you can't use this product since you have to give extra time for rubbing and letting your skin absorb it completely.

I did not see any difference compared to the rice ceramide.  There's no difference with the color of my eyeshadow and blush comparing the two.  So I think as a make-up base, it's not in any better compared to a moisturiser.

In terms of wear, I feel my skin to be well hydrated when I use this product.
Duration of use2 days, 1 sachet can be used for 4-5 days.
SPF 50/PA ++++ - The sunscreen is what I love most about this product, it protects you from sun damages without giving you the 'white' cast that most sunscreens give.
I don't think it's any better vs moisturiser as a makeup base.
So-So (Probably during the Summer)
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Things to Consider in Planning Costume Party for Doctors

Recently I got a glimpse of what it is like to be a part of event planning service.  Not in a professional sense, but a part of an organizing committee for an intimate party.

There are lots of things I learned from this experience and I would like to share what I learned, and I think this will help event planners as well.

1. Consider the characteristics of your target audience/participants/guests

Guests play a major role in any event.  Consider their personalities in your event.  Doctors in general are very busy people, and when I mean busy, really busy.  Surgeons for example may start their surgeries as early as 6:00am, they also have to take care of their patients in their clinics.  So when they say their busy, they're not lying.  Some may have time to as late as 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. So if you're an event planner, you have to be in constant communication with the doctor in charge of the event and ajdust to their schedule also.  When I was just a medical student, I don't understand why doctors are always late in some events, well sometimes, they're 'pasaway' but oftentimes, it really is because they're attending to a patient.

2. So if you're planning for a themed party.....

These doctors will not have time to buy the props.  If your budget will permit it, you have to provide the props/costumes for all your participants.

During planning for a theme, think of costumes that are easy to find or already part of their wardrobe.  Like a "Gatsby" themed party, wherein you know that the doctors have black suit already in their wardrobe since they use these in their conventions.

You'll have less chance of succeeding if your theme involves taking time to look and buy for the props and costumes.

3. Offer them to buy their costumes

Since doctors don't have time, and if you can't avoid to have a theme that requires a lot of time to prepare the costume, you can offer your service to look for their costume and I'm sure they're more than happy to pay you for your services.

4. Consider your time frame to prepare for the event

Event planning is not one of the strengths of the doctors, so more often than not, you'll be given so little time in preparing for the event.  This could range from 1 week to days to prepare for it.

5.  Shy guests

Most doctors are shy when in comes to these kinds of stuffs, they're not used to dancing in public, not used to singing in public and they may see games as embarrassing.

6. Elegance and Sophistication

Most doctors prefer the simple elegant and sophisticated themes than wacky themes.

7. Music

Most doctors are at least in their 30s and above, so the type of music should be taken into consideration, music during their generation will gain more acceptance than current trending music.
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