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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow globe

I bought last year glass globes but didn't have the time to experiment with it, now I managed to try it.
I bought a miniature tree from Joli's craft store near here in UST. The glass globe w/ setting were bought online. I filled the globe with water, (sorry i dont have glycerine) and added a little glitter. 

I still don't know though what to do with it, if to make it a pendant, or as a phone charm?

Lessons learned in this project:
1. E6000 can melt styrophore
2. You really need the glycerine to have the snow globe effect
3. E6000 won't stick if you work with baby oil (yes, I tried baby oil so the glitter will fall slower, but didn't work out)
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Upcycled coupon

My hands were itching the past weeks to make something. With lots of hospital responsibilities and studying, there really is no time to make crafts.

Now, I can't take it anymore, I have to make something. So I had a craft break, to keep myself sane.

Here, I used McDonald's coupon and made a bookmark out of it. Upcycled! Woohoo!

Now I can use it in my MD Anderson book

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