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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For the future physician board examiners

For the future physician board examiners, do what you want to do while reviewing for the boards. Go abroad, watch your favorite movie. Because after boards and you plan to apply residency, especially in private hospitals, you won't have time anymore, you'll end up not doing what you planned to do. Unless you'll take a year off.

So depressed.. I can't go out of the country for a few days to enjoy!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coloring on Canvas Bag

My mom gave me blank canvas bags =D. At first, I don't know what to do with it.  At first I thought of needle felting embroidery into it, but I'm kind of scared since the fabric is hard, my felting needle might break.

As I was searching through the internet, I discovered Pentel Fabric Fun Dye sticks, & what's even better is that it's available here in the Philippines!!!  So I searched to several branches of National bookstore & bought one.  Then I thought what will I draw? I'm not good at drawing that's for sure, it not one of my talents.

Anyways, I'm running out of time, my pre-residency is about to start, so I have to make something, or I won't be able to make crafts again for another whole year.

So I thought, what would be my favorite quote? One of my favorites is "keep moving forward" from Meet the Robinsons.  So I thought I'd make that.
I soooo muuucchh looovvveee iiiiittttt!!!!!!!!
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How I passed the Physician Board Examinations part 2

Applying to PRC:

  • long brown envelope, long plastic envelope
  • black ballpen
  • money
  • form requirements: transcript, certificate of internship etc, the ones listed in the guide I posted in part 1.
  • Have photocopies of your forms & documents
  • While at home, register yourself to prc website, there's a form there where you'll put in all your details, name, address, etc etc. Don't bother printing the sample form in the prc website, you don't need it. That way, mas mabilis to register when you get to prc, because it's faster since you've input all your details already
  • passport size pictures w/ your name
  • don't bring pencils, you don't need it
  • Buy the metered stamps & the envelopes AT PRC. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THE VENDORS OUTSIDE, those envelopes are fake, you'll just end up buying another during the exam day.

1 day before the exam:
  • Relax. Don't study, it won't be effective anyways
  • At night, you won't be able to sleep well because you're nervous, try to get some rest anyways.
  • Know which building of your assigned school you'll be taking your exam.
  • Decide how you'll go there, makikisabay ba? pano mag commute, etc.
On the 1st Exam day:
  • Don't chicken out, come in & take the exam.
  • Come in before 6:30 am
  • Bring light meals, like sandwich, don't bring rice & ulam (mahirap na kapag matae ka pa while taking the board exams), water, candies
  • Bring paracetamol or any NSAID, you might have a headache due to lack of sleep, agitation, & the test itself
  • Bring black ballpen, your pencils, eraser, sharpener, black pentel pen, 1 long brown envelope, 1 long plastic envelope, exam permit
  • For girls, it's ok to bring a bag to put your valuables like celfones etc, there'll be a place in the room to put your handbags.
  • It's nice also to bring samplex or topnotch reviewer pearls for cramming, use the 1 hour break to cram.
By the end of each exam day this is what you'll feel like:
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How I Passed the Philippine Physician Board Exam Part 1

I just saw my name on the PRC List of successful examinees of Philippine Physician Board Examination. Soooo happy!!! Words can't fully describe what I am feeling right now.

Anyways as I've told myself, I'll write a blog on tips to pass the board exams.  This post is only about how to   PASS, if you wish to top the boards, then I don't think this post is of much help. hehe

I'll just share to you what I did in my review.

First of all, I'll introduce myself, I'm a proud UST graduate.  Both BS Biology & Medicine, I also took up internship at UST.  So I'm 100% UST product.  So I think fellow thomasian doctors/med students will be of most benefit for this post (in my opinion only).

As advised by mentors, you should be studying during your rotations in the hospital.  Well, I didn't do that, because by the time I get home, I'm tired & I sleep.  The only rotation I was able to study was Family Medicine, I think I was able to read 3 chapters of anatomy (Baby snell) & 3 chapters of OB gyne (blueprints).

At the end of internship, this is what I felt, "tapos na! now what?" Should I study? But but... I just finished.. can't I rest? Tatamarin ka talaga. haha.

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