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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ipod shuffle watch strap

I'm naming this project as: Music in your soul.  Remember the earlier bijou strap I made for my ipod shuffle?
I've used it for trial for I think less than 1 month, so in my next design of my bijou strap, I added a new feature, an earphone winder.  That way, you can safely atore your earphones when not in use & still wear your ipod shuffle with great pride w/o worrying where to put your earphones.

This is my new design:
With incredibly great features:

I'm so excited to make another one.  I think I'm getting addicted to felt crafts again!
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Secret cupcakes by fairies

This collection's inspiration is one of my favorite Disney movie films.  The Tinkerbell series!  Superb movie! Not too childish with outstanding cg effects.

 Each cupcake is purely made out of tender, loving care.  With Swarovski rhinestones from Austria & swarovski crystals.  Cupcake woolcandies are unique personally handmade by me, carefully made into a necklace.  Visit Maiden Circuits for more details.

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Craft of the Day: Thank you Envelopes

Thinking of ways to be more environmentally friendly, I tried to spice up these envelopes to be used as my packaging:
They're great for storing your jewelry!
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cross-stitched iphone case

As I was browsing through the web, I cam across this:

It's cool isn't it? You get to put on your personal touch in your iphone cases.  What an ingenious idea!!! I think this is a product of korea.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

What is Woolcandie

I kind of like to make this a long time ago.  Just didn't have the time to do it.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rockwell The Next Big Thing Bazaar

I went to powerplant mall rockwell bazaar today.  Break from my studying for the board exams.  This year's next big thing has less participants than last year.  Well maybe it's because this year, there are other conventions also like toycons, & other bazaars held.  So the sellers are dispersed.  Second, I think last year was around august, near christmas, so more sellers & buyers.

Anyways, going to rockwell, first time I commuted to powerplant mall.  It was exciting actually, feeling of a little adventure.  What happened though, I realized how kind Filipinos are.  We asked the police officer for directions, we asked to jeepney driver to tell us when to drop off, my seatmate on jeep was also so kind, asking the driver to stop when we're near powerplant rockwell already (I didn't even ask for his help.  He was so KIND!!)

I was armed with um... like P2500 charging through this bazaar.  I know... I should bring more money.. haha, but I'm saving, & to prevent me from spending all of my savings.  Anyways here are the things I bought.
I'm a really big fan of style on air! Everytime I visit bazaars I always ended up buying from her (the owner is korean).  The kokeshi doll brooch on the lower left end by the way was from Shmily. I'm supposed to buy more from Shmily but I kind of forgot what I was looking for before when I visited  her online shop.

I also bought Rose Salve for my mom
I remembered that my mom loves this, so I bought one for her. Time to finish my craft projects. Til next time =D

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Comfort food

My comfort food while studying for the board exams
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quiapo candy

Look what i got from quiapo! Will match perfectly for my forever 21 feather earrings
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