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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kanin Club

Bryan asked us to eat here.  I have no idea what this restaurant was hahaha.  Never heard of it in the chinese & medical community.  Guess I don't get out often.  Anyways enough with the introduction.

First the interiors of the restaurant.  We went to the branch in Technohub

UP-Ayala TechnoHub, Quezon City

I like the interiors of the restaurant. We went at around 5:30 pm, the time was just right, the restaurant was not congested with people.

I browsed through their menu: Filipino cuisine. Price for me was above average.  A little pricey for a med student, not too expensive as in fine dining.

We ordered:
Sinigang na Sinangag

I personally don't like sinigang.  So I'm not head over heels with this dish.  It really tasted like sinigang haha. Actually Bryan & Ivan loved this dish.  Well, me, not so much.

Crispy Dinuguan
 I really love this dish.  The thought of having crispy meat in the dinuguan was genius!! I even bought one home for my family to taste.  And they also loved it.

Crispy Pata
Normal crispy pata for me. hehe.

If I'll rate this restaurant: 4/5
Will I come back?? DEFINITELY YES!!!
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Another Owl is born

This is especially made for my friend.  She's long requested that I make her a purple owl pouch for her mp3 player, but due to my tight schedule I wasn't able to make her one.

Now I find time to make her an iphone case.

I love the color combination of this one.

Secret behind this project: I had lots of mistakes in this project, probably due to sleepiness while making it.

Project type: Felt
Project time: 3 days (on my free time)
Date: 2/22/12
Pricks/Injuries: none
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Monday, February 20, 2012

More Black than White

I'm getting addicted with mixing & matching my clothes hehehe.  It's like expressing your creativity in a different way than my usual.. crafting, & I'm enjoying it.
Polo shirt from human, black dress/vest skirt ( I don't know what you call it) from Maldita

PS: Have I ever told you that I just love Soccer/Football?!!! I mean the pattern is so intricate. I'm collecting tons of things w/ soccer ball patterns/design.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amateur Fashion Blogging

I envy the other blogs where they have really nice pictures & great fashion sense in posting their sense of style in their blogs.  Isn't it nice how people express their creativity in different ways??

Yellow knitted top from Wanko, Floral top from Mind Code, Skirt from Esprit, Belt from Divisoria, Necklace & Earring set from Robinson's Place

I just took these out from my old rack.  Most of my clothes are hand-me downs from my aunt. Most of her clothes are from Singapore.

PS: Pics from my mobile phone, didn't have time to take out my old digital camera.
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Truffles, nag eemo

I just can't stop myself from taking pictures of our dog when I saw this:

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bibingka for my Stethoscope

I recently lost any doctor's best friend: Stethoscope.  Huhu, I loved my Stethoscope.  It had my name engraved in it, it had my Kuromi needlefelted charm in it.  Goodbye my stethoscope.... Whoever stole it... well I'm not an angel pretending to wish that you'd do something great with it. I wish that someday, you'll realize the consequences of your actions & that God will punish you for what you did.

Anyways, now on a tight budget, I bought a new stethoscope.  Nabutas bulsa ko dun, but no choice, what's a doctor without a stethoscope? It's extremely important, lives may be at stake.

Of course it wouldn't be mine once I've put my touch onto it.  This serves 2 purpose, one for aesthetic purpose,  second, when mixed with an array of stethoscope, I can spot mine easily.

I thought, what would be a good charm for my stethoscope? It took me days to decide....  Then at last, today, in my duty as Family Medicine intern, I thought why not bibingka??

Bibingka is one of my favorite Filipino delicacies, the mouthwatering rice cake, so delicious, just thinking of it makes my mouth water.

So I started... Gathered my wool...
...... And started needle-felting

Slowly... it started taking into shape... 

.... And finally! I just baked my first bibingka!!!!

Now my stethoscope has its own charm like no other!!! 

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Peanut Butter & Company

We were strolling along MOA to look for a place to eat.  I came across this peculiar store:

     Everything in this store has peanut butter in their dish.  So I said to my dad, wanna try this one? He said sure, let's try something different.  So I had a dinner date with my dad.

Well here's a review of the resto:
  • The place was unique, comfortable atmosphere, not too fancy
  • Menu was unique also, yeah every dish has peanut butter
  • Service - It was slow.  I think there's only 1 chef available to prepare all the orders.  There's like 10 of us in the shop
  • Food:
    • I ordered BBQ wings
    • & my dad ordered... um... something to do with burger I forgot the name

     First of all, when I saw the food, I was disappointed.  I was expecting my food on a plate, not on some carton. I thought to myself, not environmental friendly.  But this will be great for baon or if you're on a hurry. Then I tried the BBQ wings. It tasted like regular BBQ wings, I didn't taste the peanut butter at all. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?? hm.. I don't know.  Then I tasted dad's burger thingy.  It was better than the BBQ wings, so we switched. I ate the burger & dad ate the BBQ wings.  The Peanut butter sauce of the burger tasted like sweet gravy or maybe a hint of BBQ sauce taste.  Still I was disappointed, maybe I expected a lot since it was our dinner date.  But my dad also was disappointed.  We were supposed to order a sandwich the one with marshmallow & peanut butter, but didn't push through, since we weren't satisfied with what we ate for dinner.  

     Maliit din ang serving, mahina ako kumain di ako nabusog e, siguro good for merienda (for boys), good for dieting girls (the serving portion).  

Will I go back? 
- probably? but leaning more towards no.

Oops, it's already late, 'til next time =D
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Owl & Dumpling

I think I was pretty creative today.  Being in boring family med rotation, I think this rotation sucks the life out of me, although the good side, there's enough rest as an intern.

Anyways, I had nothing to do, so I thought I should do the requests by some of my co-interns.

I finished the pink owl iphone 4 case today:

Then I was able to finish MTO of Dr. Fang

I was thinking, when was the last time I needle felted??? I can't remember.  It's good to go back to old crafts hahaha. Well, Dr. Fang requested that I make a dumpling needle-felted sculpture for him.  He wanted steamed dumplings in particular. I only have limited colors of wool available here in my stash.  I tried mixing white, browns, etc trying hard to get that "steamed"effect.  My end product, hm.. I think it looked more of fried rather than steamed.  Oh well, I guess I just have to show him tomorrow if he likes it.  

I just realized I'm using lots of pink today... hm... maybe it's the effect of the valentines' day coming near.  Happy valentines's Day!!!!

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Another owl in progress

One of my residents saw my owl iphone case, & he asked if I have one for iphone 4. I said, I can make you one nalang po doc. Then he said ok, how much? I haven't thought about it yet actually.... I asked what color?? He said, pink...

Now I'm working on it hehe. Almost done. I'm actually lazy to take a picture using my digital camera, so I just used my iphone to take a picture of it.

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