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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bibingka for my Stethoscope

I recently lost any doctor's best friend: Stethoscope.  Huhu, I loved my Stethoscope.  It had my name engraved in it, it had my Kuromi needlefelted charm in it.  Goodbye my stethoscope.... Whoever stole it... well I'm not an angel pretending to wish that you'd do something great with it. I wish that someday, you'll realize the consequences of your actions & that God will punish you for what you did.

Anyways, now on a tight budget, I bought a new stethoscope.  Nabutas bulsa ko dun, but no choice, what's a doctor without a stethoscope? It's extremely important, lives may be at stake.

Of course it wouldn't be mine once I've put my touch onto it.  This serves 2 purpose, one for aesthetic purpose,  second, when mixed with an array of stethoscope, I can spot mine easily.

I thought, what would be a good charm for my stethoscope? It took me days to decide....  Then at last, today, in my duty as Family Medicine intern, I thought why not bibingka??

Bibingka is one of my favorite Filipino delicacies, the mouthwatering rice cake, so delicious, just thinking of it makes my mouth water.

So I started... Gathered my wool...
...... And started needle-felting

Slowly... it started taking into shape... 

.... And finally! I just baked my first bibingka!!!!

Now my stethoscope has its own charm like no other!!! 

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