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Monday, November 9, 2009

Personalized Bag Hooks Batch 1

Good thing these bag hooks are invented! They're very much useful, especially in parties. Most of the time we place our bags in our lap or on our back. This is uncomfortable especially when you're eating, sauces might even stain your bag. Plus if you put it in your back, it may fall off, or even gets stolen.
What's great about this is that it's foldable, very compact & easy to bring wherever you go.

I like making personalized bag hooks, it adds a touch of personality =D & most of the time if your name is in it, you know which is really yours.

As requested by my mom. She asked me to personalize bag hooks for her. She'll give these as gifts in Christmas.

How they look when hanging:

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sneak Peak... MTO: Bijou Watch

Everybody has been very curious of what my felt projects look like. Well here's a sneak peak.... it's Bijou Watch!

Here's a modified version of my Bijou Watch. Why modified?? Because it was modified to suit the request of the client, this design was bought & requested by my classmate.

This modified version is a little similar with my original bijou watch. 1st, they're both watches, 2nd, they're both made of felt, 3rd, Both takes me 6 hrs just to finish 1. The differences... You'll see in the future

Bijou watch is very precious to me, well because this is original, meaning... it has a dirty little secret originally thought by me, & I'm not telling it yet, not until I release it here in multiply & on Nov 28 in the UP AME bazaar.

I even thought of applying for a copyright for this product. Well because I'm a very greedy person & I don't want others replicating my product or even it's dirty little secret. But it's kind of expensive & I realized that the money I'll spend for the copyright is more than my profit in selling 10-20 bijou watches.

So as of now.... I'm praying that no one has thought of the same secret as mine. I seriously want to be the first to release this type of product. Because of financial difficulties I can't apply & pay for the copyright.

Of all my products, Bijou watch is the most precious to me & this is the one which I have the most faith in when it comes to marketing value.

But of course you'll never really know until you release this to the public right?

Anyhow, I always have a backup plan, that if ever the bijou watches will not sell, I'll keep them all for myself!

Hoping for the best.
May God guide & bless my bijou watches.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ms Yeti Plush

My second attempt to make a yeti, this time, she's no longer anorexic like before, which is good right? =D

As I was comparing both yetis...

My 1st Anorexic Yeti

My Newer Ms Yeti

Do you think this will sell if I release this out to the market?
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