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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sneak Peak... MTO: Bijou Watch

Everybody has been very curious of what my felt projects look like. Well here's a sneak peak.... it's Bijou Watch!

Here's a modified version of my Bijou Watch. Why modified?? Because it was modified to suit the request of the client, this design was bought & requested by my classmate.

This modified version is a little similar with my original bijou watch. 1st, they're both watches, 2nd, they're both made of felt, 3rd, Both takes me 6 hrs just to finish 1. The differences... You'll see in the future

Bijou watch is very precious to me, well because this is original, meaning... it has a dirty little secret originally thought by me, & I'm not telling it yet, not until I release it here in multiply & on Nov 28 in the UP AME bazaar.

I even thought of applying for a copyright for this product. Well because I'm a very greedy person & I don't want others replicating my product or even it's dirty little secret. But it's kind of expensive & I realized that the money I'll spend for the copyright is more than my profit in selling 10-20 bijou watches.

So as of now.... I'm praying that no one has thought of the same secret as mine. I seriously want to be the first to release this type of product. Because of financial difficulties I can't apply & pay for the copyright.

Of all my products, Bijou watch is the most precious to me & this is the one which I have the most faith in when it comes to marketing value.

But of course you'll never really know until you release this to the public right?

Anyhow, I always have a backup plan, that if ever the bijou watches will not sell, I'll keep them all for myself!

Hoping for the best.
May God guide & bless my bijou watches.
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