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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baroness Snail Mask Sheet - 1st Impressions

I noticed that I had korean mask sheet hauls and I haven't made any review on at least a single face sheet mask.

I think this is one of my very 1st sheet mask I bought, from 
Beauty MNL in one of their sales offers.  This is also the first time I've heard of the brand Baronness.


 Packaging Looks ordinary, nothing special or cute with the packaging
 Scent Smells like soapy floral, not bothering
 Mask Sheet 
Regular cotton sheet mask
 Application Feels cool to the skin when applied.  I like that the product doesn't get into my eyes like other sheet masks. Of course still looks weird like other sheet masks but very fun and relaxing to do.
 Immediate after Immediately after removing the sheet mask (30 min), I like it that it left my skin smooth, non-sticky, light feeling. The non-sticky feeling is what I loved the most of this product.
 Morning after Skin feels smooth, well-hydrated, soft
 Price Got it on sale Php 50. I think regular price is Php 80
 Rating 9/10
Recommend? Yes

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Tony Moly Lip Scrub - Review

I have really dry lips, so dry that chappy lips are common with me unless I had lip balm on.  It's so dry that sometimes it hurts.

I searched the net and found out that I need to use a lip scrub to remove the dead skin cells of my lips. There were a lot of DIY in the youtube, but I decided it will be more expensive to buy all the individual products to make a DIY.  So I decided just to buy one commercially available lip scrub.

I bought my Tony Moly Lip Scrub for php 348.00.
  • Packaging
Packaging is really cute! It is contained in a lip-shaped plastic container.  You twist the top lip off to open the product.  After which, you see a lid covering the product itself, which I like since it's more sanitary.

  • Consistency
There were microbes in the product.  It feels a white buttery cream, a little thick and sticky.

  • Application
It's relatively easy to apply, you can feel the microbes scrubbing your lips when applied.  It has a sweet last mell which is not bothering.  I tasted it, no taste.   I tried this out for 2 weeks, once a week.
Sorry I don't have a picture of the after using it.  From the before picture, I still have a residue of my Peripera's Lip ink.  And after the lip scrub, it removed my Peripera's Lip ink from my lips.  I guess this is a way to remove the product, since it's so hard to remove when used makeup remover alone.  After using the product, I felt my lips smoother although there were still some dry skin left.  You'll feel you've applied like a layer of lip balm after washing the scrub off.  So you won't feel that your lips were stripped off by the scrub.  So I guess that's a plus.

  • Recommendations
I will definitely recommend this to those who have really dry lips.   I will buy this again if I used it all up

  • Con - Pricey
  • Rating - 7/10

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence - Review

This is one of the products I bought from Althea.  I saw this product from a review in youtube by Gothamista and decided to test it anyways.  I bought this for php 970.  It was on sale with 35% discount in Althea.

This will also be my first Innisfree product that I'll own.  As of now, you can only get Innisfree online in the Philippines.

Let's start the review...

I love the packaging of this product.  It comes in a beautiful blue ombre pump tube, which is great since it's more sanitary.

It has a rather strong citrus scent.  I'm not usually bothered by scents, but the citrus scent is so strong that it bothers me.
The consistency when you have a pump is foamy.  
When applied, it feels lightweight and after application your skin will feel a warm, contrary to Gothamista which she felt cool after applying the product.  On first application, you'll feel that it helps your skin absorb more of the cream you'll apply to your face after this step.  

I didn't see any sparkling effect to my skin after application though contrary to other reviews.

The greatest con I have with this product is that it didn't work for me.  I don't have sensitive skin, but the next day, I saw flesh coloured bumps in my face.  After consulting my Dermatologist resident, she said to stop using the product since it seemed irritant to my skin.
Packaging is hygienic, comes with a pump, lightweight when applied
Overpowering smell, not compatible with my skin

    t may work for you.  But it didn't work for me.  You have to be not sensitive about the scent since the scent is overpowering. Since it's an irritant for me, I definitely will never buy this again.

    2/10  - since it's an irritant to my skin

    I'm thinking of selling or giving away my bottle since I only had 3 pumps of it.  What do you think?

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    Friday, May 6, 2016

    Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse - First Impression

    I've heard lots of great reviews on Happy Skin products, especially the Lippies.  I was very hesitant to try out one since it's on the pricey side.  But when one of my co-residents told me, that it was really good, and that it doesn't dry out her lips and it's worth the price, I guess I have to take the risk and buy one.

    The much raved about is the crayon like shut up & kiss me collection, but I decided to buy the Lip & Cheek Mousse instead, since I still have and love my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lips lip crayon.

    Let's start our review then.

    I love the packaging! It's so detailed, cute and girly. Hands down to the one who designed it.

    I got the shade: Swept off My Feet (Pretty creative I should say.)

    It comes in a plastic tube with leaf-shaped applicator for precise application of the product to the lips

    Melted plastic, but not bothering.
    As the name implies, it has a mousse texture. When applied to lips, your lips will feel velvety.
    It's very pigmented and swipes into lips very smoothly. As I've mentioned earlier, it feels velvety. Your lips will feel moisturized actually. I have really dry lips and chapped lips and liquid lipsticks always make my lips dry. I was surprised by the way this made my lips feel, it's almost like the Aritaum Water Sliding Tint. My lips were hydrated and didn't even chapped the whole day! I didn't even used my Lip Balm!
    Longevity and Kiss Test
    It lasted for around 6 hours for me without any retouching. It's not kiss-proof and food-proof.
    Very smooth application, precise, pigmented, doesn't dry my lips, makes my lips feel hydrated
    Pricey: php 699

    Never tried it as a blush yet.  Will post a review of it once I did.
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    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Laneige Sleeping Mask Review

    This is a really delayed post, been busy with hospital work.  There's a hype and rave with this product, the Lineage Sleeping Mask, and here's my opinion regarding this product.

    • Packaging

    The container is plastic, blue color, very simple, very elegant-looking.

    • Product

    It has a light fragrant clean smell, slightly floral.

    The consistency is a cream, watery, very light weight.  

    When applied to the skin, you can feel that your skin absorbs the product really well, and it's very light weight.  You won't feel you have something on your skin.  It's non-sticky, applies very smoothly.
    After applying onto your skin, you will feel a little sticky at first, but as it sets, it will smoothen eventually.

    • Effectivity

    So far, of all the creams I've used, this is the BEST so far! I now understand why this is raved and hyped, it really is effective! When you wake up in the morning the next day and you wash the mask off, you'll feel your skin sooooo smooth!!!!!! It was so smooth and soft that you feel like you have baby skin.  You feel your skin very much hydrated and rejuvenated.

    • Recommendations

    Definitely!!!! It's pricey, but it's all worth it! I'll give this a rating of 10/10. I will definitely buy another one once it's used up.

    I found my HOLY GRAIL night cream!

    • Cons

    It's pricey.  It's recommended to use only 1-2x per week, I wish I could use it everyday!

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