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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Food challenge - One Day Old Challenge

In pre-residency this is like the reality tv programs, where in you're battling to get to be the next "____ resident". It's like american idol, are you the next "urology resident", or next "surgery resident" or the next "IM Resident". You'll be really tested during this period, your emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual capabilities will be tested.

I remember when I was a urology pre-resident, one of the challenges was the "food challenge" wherein we will eat whatever the seniors ask us to eat. One of those was the "One Day Old" challenge.
They were all awaiting for me to eat them since they look icky and from the looks of it, they thought I don't eat street food. 

To tell you the truth, I have eaten this before, in hongkong, also one of their street foods. I kind of love the taste of this except for the gizzard, so I always remove it prior to eating the whole thing.

Why I'm blogging about this? Recently at the corner of my dormitory was a stand selling fishballs, squidballs, kikiam etc etc and fried chicks are just a few of their offered products and this just brought some memories of pre-residency and my "uro-boys" seniors. I kind of miss my recently graduated seniors on how they guided me during pre-residency and how they taught menof troubleshooting some minor uro problems. I wouldn't be accepted in urology program without my seniors who voted for me during deliberation. I'm humbly thanking you and hoping I won't disappoint you.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soccer Coasters

I'm sick, without my voice, headache, persistent cough, w/ colds and febrile yup I think I'm coming with a flu.  So I was absent.  I'm stuck inside my dorm feeling terrible and drinking chinese medicine concoctions and western medicine, yeah, I'm desperate to feel better.  Hopefully this will all go away by tomorrow, because I'm on duty tomorrow!

I decided, I have to at least do something light, so as not to feel so worthless.  So I made soccer coasters!

Materials I used in this project:
felt cloth
Sharpie Rub-a-dub laundry marker

  1. I first printed a soccer pattern which I got over the net.
  2. I  cut the pattern & traced it on top of the felt
  3. Then I colored the black pentagons and lines with the sharpie marker.

Finished Product:

Normally I would have used black felt and cut the pentagons and then sew them to the white felt fabric.  But I just realized I'm out of black felt fabric and that I feel I'll vomit if I try to sew the pieces together, so this I think is a shortcut way of making coasters.

Or.... an even easier way is to print out a picture of the soccer and then cut it, have it laminated.
And you can even try other pictures as well, like KUROMI!!!!!!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Celebrating Love

Feb 14, what they say is already a commercialized celebration, overpriced flowers, chocolates etc. It's called valentine's by couples and single awareness date by singles.

But today, as We were making rounds inside the hospital, This was what I saw:
I believe that love can be expressed in many ways and it should not be confined strictly to lovers. I thank whoever bought the balloons for the clinical division (charity) patients for showing me and the rest of the people of another way of showing love on valentine's day.

On the sidenote, this is what I received on Valentine's Day =D
& what I received from the JIs

Happy Heart's Day!!!!~!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spartan costume

My senior asked for my help in making his spartan costume for his induction to Urology.
I don't have the luxury of having the appropriate materials for this project since I'm in the hospital.

Here are the materials I used for this project:
Calendar cardboard (or cereAl box card)
Patterns of helmet from
Patterns of arm varmguard
Glue gun
Copper gold spray paint
Construction helmet
Maroon cotton (for the cape)
Safety pins
Antique gold jump rings, lobster lock and chain extensions

I first traced the patterns to the cardboard.
Then i spray painted the cut outs w/ copper gold for both sides.
I also punched 4 holes to the varmguard cut out

I attached the jumprings to each hole with the lobster lock and chain extensions

I spray painted an old construction helmet wirh copper gold
Then I glued the cut out around the helmet.

I copied the pattern of the cape from

For the brooch, There's a platic sort of belt in the construction hat, I detached it and spray painted it with copper gold also. Then with use of glue gun, garter, and safety pins, i attached it to the cloak.

Here's the finished product:

Have fun in your induction night! =D
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