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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spartan costume

My senior asked for my help in making his spartan costume for his induction to Urology.
I don't have the luxury of having the appropriate materials for this project since I'm in the hospital.

Here are the materials I used for this project:
Calendar cardboard (or cereAl box card)
Patterns of helmet from
Patterns of arm varmguard
Glue gun
Copper gold spray paint
Construction helmet
Maroon cotton (for the cape)
Safety pins
Antique gold jump rings, lobster lock and chain extensions

I first traced the patterns to the cardboard.
Then i spray painted the cut outs w/ copper gold for both sides.
I also punched 4 holes to the varmguard cut out

I attached the jumprings to each hole with the lobster lock and chain extensions

I spray painted an old construction helmet wirh copper gold
Then I glued the cut out around the helmet.

I copied the pattern of the cape from

For the brooch, There's a platic sort of belt in the construction hat, I detached it and spray painted it with copper gold also. Then with use of glue gun, garter, and safety pins, i attached it to the cloak.

Here's the finished product:

Have fun in your induction night! =D
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