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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Super mario

Mario will always be part of a 90s kid's childhood. I vividly remember we were playing Super Mario in the family computer, then came to nintendo 64, then gameboy, etc. Super Mario should live forever!

I went to mcdo and was happy to see their toy in happy meal: Supermario! Should I collect them all? Hehe

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ombre bookmark

Here's my 1st project with Faber Castell's Gelatos. It's amazing that these things blend so well. And is perfect for the ombre effect. I have to look for papers for wayercolor though since the regulat cardstock softens and some layers thin out.
First color in woth gelatos just like any crayons.
Then with a wet wipe, gently blend in the colors to get this ombre effect
I then used this stencil bookmark I bought at National Bookstore before and drew in the birds using unipin.
I then protected the surface woth vinyl sticker paper. 
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

1st Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

Remember my previous post regarding the Laparoscopic Workshop? One of the disadvantages of being the head of the organizing committee is that you're catering to the needs of the surgeons doing the laparoscopic surgery.  There is always a great chance of not being able to do any laparoscopic surgery.  Can you imagine? After all your hardwork, you're the one who will not be able to do any surgery?

I actually tried not to let that happen.  I told myself, I have to do at least 1 surgery.

True enough, I was lucky that Dr. Lusaya & Dr Ian Alpajaro accompanied me & guided me in my 1st Laparoscopic Nephrectomy.  Of course they did most of the work.  But still.. it's laparoscopic nephrectomy!!

All my hardwork, stress, complaints, problems in organizing this event was all worth it after I did this. hehe =D

Thank you Dr Lusaya and Dr Alpajaro!
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Laparoscopic Workshop 2014

Unfortunately, I was the one tasked to organize this year's Advance Laparoscopic Workshop for Residents & Fellows.  It took me around 3 months to organize this activity.  The pressure both me & my 1st years... you could just imagine, from getting the pigs to all the administrative work etc.

Anyways according to my seniors, the Laparoscopic Workshop was a success & they complimented me for a job well done.  It sounds like a reward for an organizing committee.  But I hated every minute of the time before the activity.

The Advance Laparoscopic Workshop for Residents & Fellows is a 2 day activity that occurred March 20-21.  The first day was a day of lectures by doctors known to have expertise in Laparoscopy & also anesthesia in Laparoscopy.

The 2nd day was the "fun" part, because this day, we're hands on already on Laparoscopy on pigs.  In  a man's perspective you'll think that the pigs are "kawawa" since they're well and they're going to undergo surgery.  On another perspective, you'll see this pigs are somewhat lucky, since they'll undergoing laparoscopy using new lap machines offered by the companies as compared to the old lap towers used in the clinical division.

At least it was a successful event! =D Thank you to all my juniors & seniors who helped me in this project =D

PS: This activity was approved by the Animal Welfare Committee. And I'll make a manual for the next organizing committee so they won't start totally from scratch like I did.

Good luck to the next resident who will organize this event. hehe.
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My birthday gift to myself has finally arrived! Faber Castell Gelatos! I bought it online and after waiting for 21 days, it finally arrived! So excited to make projects using it. After the laparoscopic workshop...
I think My hands are itching tk make a project. 
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Monday, March 17, 2014

National Breakfast Day

I think this is one of the good advocacies, the National Breakfast Day by Mcdo.  First, it stresses that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say.  Better start the morning right with breakfast.

Today, McDo celebrates National Breakfast Day & gave away free mcmuffin! Of course being from status, I was able to join the line in front of the McDo inside UST.  Luckily I was able to get free mcmuffin!!! HOORAY FOR TODAY!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

1st fistulotomy

1st times are always worth remembering rightt? Well I did my 1st fistulotomy and fistulectomy already. :D

Guided by Dr F. Belmonte, It's actually harder than appendectomy, well at least for fistulotomy. 

More surgeries pls hehe!
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft of the Day - Get Well Soon Owl Card

As I went home, I saw my old color pencils, and thought, I missed working with them. I think the last time I used them was when I was still in highschool.

So I grabbed them and tried a craft for it. My mom saw me,
 "Ano ginagawa mo?" (What are you doing?)
"Nagcocolor" (coloring)
"Maniwala ako sayo, hindi ka mabait para magcolor lang, may gagawin ka pa diyan" (I don't believe you, you're not that behaved to just color, you'll do something else with it)

That's what they say, you're mom knows you too well.

Materials I used for this project:
Faber-Castell watercolour pencils
Cardstock: cream, pink, red
Artline pigment ink 0.2 black
Glue tape

1. First I printed out an owl image from the net. (Drawing is not one of my talents and rubber stamps are not available as of the moment)
2. I colored the image with watercolor pencils
3. After finishing the image, I used a Q-tip wet with water and smudge the watercolor pencils.

4. Then I cut out scalloped rectangle to mount the owl and flag from red cardstock

5. And stick them all together. Put your message and drew some corner swirls using artline pen. And here's the finished product!

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Craft of the Day - Ombre Hot Air Balloon

I'm crazy over ombre lately, & you can see it in my pinterest activity wherein I've created a new board just for ombre.  Now I'm into coloring with colored pencils, so I kind of look for pictures over the net that I can color and incorporate them into a handmade card.

Thanks to the internet & printers, I printed out these images and incorporate them to my project.  Here in the Philippines, beautiful rubber stamps are hard to find, unlike in the other countries, plus they're expensive.  So I tried printing instead then color it in.

For some reason I really love hot air balloons, haven't seen a real one but I really love the idea of it & I love using it in my crafts.

So now I decided to just combine the two in a card.

Materials I used in this project:

  • colored pencils
  • cardstock
  • glue tape
  • printer
  • artline pen 0.2 black
1. Let's start with a print out of hot air balloon in a colored cardstock.  
2. I colored in the spaces using classic colored pencils
3. I traced in the outline again with black artline pen.

4. I colored the background with green ombre some more! (Really crazy over ombre)

til next crafting! =D
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pao Hong Kong

Today, I went to visit one of the temples I usually visit, I call this temple: Pao Hong Kong temple.

I like this temple because it's unique for me. In here, you'll light up a lot of incense sticks I think a total of 72 sticks. Amazing right? When I was a kid, I usually cry whenever I go to this temple, because the smoke from the sticks will get into your eyes and you'll end up crying, and I would usually tell my friend that I'm crying and then they'll get worried and ask what happened? I'll then tell them that I went ti the temple and the smoke got my eye. Then they'll comment, "Gago ka talaga".

I go to both temples and churches. I know it's forbidden in Catholic faith, but I came from 2 different cultures, Filipino and Chinese, and up to know I don't want to give up any of them and that includes religious practices.

Til next blog entry =D
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Craft of the Day - friends scrapbook page

My last entry to my almost abandoned scrapbook was 2011. That's really a long time. I went home from a 48 hour duty and after sleeping, I decided that why not do something crafty. Then I went into my room and saw my traditional scrapbooks.  Smile and nostalgia came to me as I flipped through the pages of it. So I decided to make a quick page with all materials available. 

I think I was out of the scrapbook craft for a tome that it was kind of easy for me to pick of a theme for this page: friendship. Maybe My craft juices have already piled up. Mu scrapbooking skills were a little rusty but who cares anyways as long as i was able to express myself. I think I have to return to journaling, It's nice to remember special events, persons in your life.

This page, I dedicate to hanelei and avegail. Til next crafting!
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