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Friday, March 21, 2014

Laparoscopic Workshop 2014

Unfortunately, I was the one tasked to organize this year's Advance Laparoscopic Workshop for Residents & Fellows.  It took me around 3 months to organize this activity.  The pressure both me & my 1st years... you could just imagine, from getting the pigs to all the administrative work etc.

Anyways according to my seniors, the Laparoscopic Workshop was a success & they complimented me for a job well done.  It sounds like a reward for an organizing committee.  But I hated every minute of the time before the activity.

The Advance Laparoscopic Workshop for Residents & Fellows is a 2 day activity that occurred March 20-21.  The first day was a day of lectures by doctors known to have expertise in Laparoscopy & also anesthesia in Laparoscopy.

The 2nd day was the "fun" part, because this day, we're hands on already on Laparoscopy on pigs.  In  a man's perspective you'll think that the pigs are "kawawa" since they're well and they're going to undergo surgery.  On another perspective, you'll see this pigs are somewhat lucky, since they'll undergoing laparoscopy using new lap machines offered by the companies as compared to the old lap towers used in the clinical division.

At least it was a successful event! =D Thank you to all my juniors & seniors who helped me in this project =D

PS: This activity was approved by the Animal Welfare Committee. And I'll make a manual for the next organizing committee so they won't start totally from scratch like I did.

Good luck to the next resident who will organize this event. hehe.
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