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Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft of the Day - Ombre Hot Air Balloon

I'm crazy over ombre lately, & you can see it in my pinterest activity wherein I've created a new board just for ombre.  Now I'm into coloring with colored pencils, so I kind of look for pictures over the net that I can color and incorporate them into a handmade card.

Thanks to the internet & printers, I printed out these images and incorporate them to my project.  Here in the Philippines, beautiful rubber stamps are hard to find, unlike in the other countries, plus they're expensive.  So I tried printing instead then color it in.

For some reason I really love hot air balloons, haven't seen a real one but I really love the idea of it & I love using it in my crafts.

So now I decided to just combine the two in a card.

Materials I used in this project:

  • colored pencils
  • cardstock
  • glue tape
  • printer
  • artline pen 0.2 black
1. Let's start with a print out of hot air balloon in a colored cardstock.  
2. I colored in the spaces using classic colored pencils
3. I traced in the outline again with black artline pen.

4. I colored the background with green ombre some more! (Really crazy over ombre)

til next crafting! =D
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