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Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft of the Day - Get Well Soon Owl Card

As I went home, I saw my old color pencils, and thought, I missed working with them. I think the last time I used them was when I was still in highschool.

So I grabbed them and tried a craft for it. My mom saw me,
 "Ano ginagawa mo?" (What are you doing?)
"Nagcocolor" (coloring)
"Maniwala ako sayo, hindi ka mabait para magcolor lang, may gagawin ka pa diyan" (I don't believe you, you're not that behaved to just color, you'll do something else with it)

That's what they say, you're mom knows you too well.

Materials I used for this project:
Faber-Castell watercolour pencils
Cardstock: cream, pink, red
Artline pigment ink 0.2 black
Glue tape

1. First I printed out an owl image from the net. (Drawing is not one of my talents and rubber stamps are not available as of the moment)
2. I colored the image with watercolor pencils
3. After finishing the image, I used a Q-tip wet with water and smudge the watercolor pencils.

4. Then I cut out scalloped rectangle to mount the owl and flag from red cardstock

5. And stick them all together. Put your message and drew some corner swirls using artline pen. And here's the finished product!

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