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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Craft of the Day - friends scrapbook page

My last entry to my almost abandoned scrapbook was 2011. That's really a long time. I went home from a 48 hour duty and after sleeping, I decided that why not do something crafty. Then I went into my room and saw my traditional scrapbooks.  Smile and nostalgia came to me as I flipped through the pages of it. So I decided to make a quick page with all materials available. 

I think I was out of the scrapbook craft for a tome that it was kind of easy for me to pick of a theme for this page: friendship. Maybe My craft juices have already piled up. Mu scrapbooking skills were a little rusty but who cares anyways as long as i was able to express myself. I think I have to return to journaling, It's nice to remember special events, persons in your life.

This page, I dedicate to hanelei and avegail. Til next crafting!
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