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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet - Review

I was so happy to see Club Clio to have a physical store in the Philippines already! The moment I saw it while I was walking in Trinoma, I couldn't stop myself that even if I was about to go home I have to check it out first.

I've been eyeing this product for sometime, but some part of me was preventing me from buying this online.... I have many lip products already, that I couldn't consume all of them, I was afraid that it will be like the Peri's original ink very drying on my lips and very difficult to remove, the color might not be ok for everyday use.

Unlike the other people, I actually first tried the Peri's Ink Airy Velvet and my expectations may be different in a little way.

This has the similar ink bottle plastic packaging from the Peri's ink line.  This has a 'matte' bottle look.

It has a slightly bent doe foot applicator like the airy velvet one.

Sweet Candy Scent, I actually thought this will smell like a rose, but it doesn't.
Creamy velvet
I got the shade #7 - Dollish Beige Rose
This has a smooth, not slippery application, it doesn't tag your lips.  This does not dry out my lips like the Peri's original ink which I love.  But it's not moisturizing either, it just doesn't aggravate the chapping of my lips.

This is lightweight and comfortable, you will feel a little hint that you're wearing something at first but after some time, you won't feel it anymore.

Kissproof Test:
There's very minimal transfer almost to none, and this is one of its characteristics that I love.

Water Test:
I tried wetting my swatch with water and tried to rub it with my finger.  This is the result, it will come off but it will leave a stain on your lips.

Longevity Test:
I tried this in ombre and in full lips.  The ombre lips lasted for less than 6 hours.  The full lips however lasted for 6-8 hours.
In the picture, after 5-6 hours from application is also the food test.  The pictures after 5-6 hours are both after eating.

When removing the lip tint, this definitely is easier to remove vs the original ink line. But this doesn't remove easily either.  My Banila Co and double cleansing are not enough to remove this from my lips.  But this can be easily removed by lip makeup remover.

Duration of use1 week
ProsVery comfortable
love the shade
Lasted for 6-8 hours on full lips and maybe longer...
ConsIf full lips, slightly difficult to remove
PricePhp 450 from Club Clio Philippines

Club Clio is located in 
3rd Level, TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.,  Quezon City
Metro ManilaPhilippines

This post is not sponsored.

I'm thinking of doing a comparison of the original ink, velvet and airy velvet... What do you think? Is that a good idea?
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