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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Battle of the Peripera Ink Bottles

In service is done!!! I can now go back to blogging again! Hope I can continue blogging... 

When I was looking at the Peripera Ink Lip tints, I thought the Airy Ink Velvet and the Ink velvet were promising, but I don't know which to choose since there were mixed reviews for both.  I was looking for a head to head comparison but I couldn't find it at that time yet, well maybe because that air ink velvet was still new at that time and people are just beginning to buy from that line.

So I thought of making a head to head comparison of the 3 Peripera Ink Lip tints that I have: Peripera Peri's Ink, Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet and Peripera Air Ink Velvet.


By the way the shades that I got are:
Peri's Ink - #1 It lips
Peri's Ink Velvet - #7 Dollish Beige Rose
Peri's Airy Ink Velvet - #5 Elf Light Rose

They all come in ink bottle packaging.  The Peri's Ink has a bright plastic packaging.  The Peri's Ink velvet has a matte plastic bottle and the airy ink velvet has a frosted white plastic packaging.

The applicator is attached to the black cap.
The Peri's Ink has a straight doe foot applicator, the Ink velvet & the Airy Ink Velvet has a more slightly bent applicator.  In terms of ease of application, all I think perform well, whether bent or straight.  

The Peri's ink has a more watery gel like consistency.  The Ink velvet has a more creamy mousse type consistency.  The Airy Ink Velvet has a creamy mousse type consistency also like the ink velvet. I prefer the consistency of the ink velvet and the airy ink velvet.

Peri's Ink has a sweet strawberry smell
Peri's Ink Velvet has a sweet candy scent
Peri's Airy Ink Velvet has a soapy smell

I love the smell of the Peri's ink the most, since it's not too overpowering and I hate the Airy Ink Velvet's smell the most.  I just don't like the smell of soap in my lips. So for this round, the Peri's Ink won this category.

Since the Peri's ink has a more watery consistency than the others, it dries the longest compared to the ink velvet and airy ink velvet.  In terms of application there's no tagging for the three.  The order of smoothness of application will be the Peri's ink then the most smooth application the Airy Ink Velvet.  The Airy Ink Velvet is also the one that dries the fastest.  So in making ombre lips, I usually do the 1/4 of my lips at a time to avoid seeing the harsh line.  

I think the most important of all is it's comfort to your lips.  The Peri's ink really dries out my lips big time!  My lips chap whenever I use this.  The Ink Velvet on the other hand doesn't dry out my lips and it feels really comfortable.  The Airy Ink velvet also doesn't dry out my lips, although I don't like the slippery feeling it gives on my lips.  So in terms of comfort, Ink Velvet wins this round.

When it comes to longevity.  The Peri's Ink wins big time!  This will not be removed for even more than 24 hours.  The Ink Velvet lasts for about 5-6 hours.  The Airy Ink Velvet 4-6 hours.  In terms of longevity, the Peri's Ink wins.  But if I'll compare the Ink velvet and Airy Ink Velvet.  The Ink Velvet lasts longer than the Airy Ink Velvet.  The Peri's ink is kissproof and foodproof.  The Ink velvet is kiss proof after some time and has little transfers to food but lasts longer vs food than the Airy Ink Velvet.  The Airy Ink Velvet is the least long lasting.  It's definitely not kissproof and foodproof.

When It comes to removing the lip tints:
The Airy Ink velvet is the easiest to remove, followed by Ink Velvet and lastly the Peri's Ink.  This is actually the main reason why I hate the Peri's ink, it's so darn hard to remove.

Overall, if I am to choose, I'll choose the Peri's Ink Velvet.  If I am to judge with its scent, comfort, longevity  and smell.  This is the best for me out of the three.

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