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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

One day I just woke up and decided I wanted to try any one of Lush product.  I shy away from Lush stores open here in the Philippines.  Mainly because I think the smell of the store although it smells really good but I find it overpowering.  But I guess something came to me that day and I just decided to try any Lush product.

I did not even look at the net for suggestions which product to buy.  It's just like a spontaneous thing 😆

I kind of like the packaging, of this lip scrub.  It's in a glass jar with black plastic screw cover.  It's stated that this lip scrub is freshly handmade.  What I love about this the most is that at the bottom of the jar, there's a  cartoon picture stating the person/nickname of the person who made it, the manufacture date, and the expiry date as well.  I like the idea of having the name of the person at the package, since it gives you that 'special' feeling you always get when you receive something handmade.  It's also stated in the package that they fight animal testing.

I will not post the picture of the bottom.  There's just something in me (maybe it's a medical thing) to not post person's names on the internet without permission.

This has a very delicious bubblegum smell.  It smells a little artificial, but hey, bubblegum is artificial as well.
This is a sugar scrub, sot the consistency is like packed sugar with a little oil
OMG! This was my first impression when I first tried this.  The sugar in the scurb is fine and can scrub your lips a little and it does not hurt your lips.
Since it's sugar, it tastes really sweet.  When you apply it to your lips, you have to fight the urge to lick it off your lips.  What I love about this is that it tastes naturally sweet unlike the Tony Moly which was my first lip scrub, it tastes awful and smells like plastic.  This smells really delicious and tastes really sweet as well.

What I love most about this lip scrub is the aftermath!  After washing it off, your lips will feel so smooth and plump.  I think this is because of the oil.  It really feels really good.  To the point I said to myself, this is worth every peso I paid.

I've found my Holy Grail Lip Scrub!

Duration of use1 month (not everyday, used this 5x already)
ProsVery comfortable
Delicious smell
Tastes sweet
Makes your lips smooth and plump
ConsPrice... expensive for a lip scrub
PricePhp 495 from Lush Stores (I got mine from Shangr-la)

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