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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Chulala Deep Cleansing Pack - First Impressions

This was sent to me by in exchange for honest review as being part of their Alist for the month.  This is the 3rd product in the package.

I was excited to use this since it's my first time to ever try a wash off mask.  I always thought I'm too lazy to go through the hassle of applying, waiting, then eventually washing, so I never experimented on a clay mask before.  I usually go with face mask sheet since it's more convenient for my busy lifestyle as a healthcare practitioner.

The container is a plastic tube type with foil and printed label on the back and front.  I like that the plastic tube is easy to squeeze the product out.  There's a white mouth typically seen in these types of squeezy tubes.

Mild minty herbal smell, so mild to almost none especially when applied
The product is very light minty green in color, with a consistency of like a clay.  

When applied, it's  sticky at first then it dries up and then it becomes matte and non sticky like hardened clay.  But it's really comfortable to the face and lightweight as well.  I left it on my face for 45 minutes.  When I reached around 40 minutes, the skin at the side of my nose started to itch, so I just washed it off.

During the process of washing, when the product got wet again it felt like Jelly consistency, it took some while to wash it off.

After washing it, my face felt normal, but I felt like my skin was washed deep inside.

To me, I think it didn't make much of any difference.

My overall comment? I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either.  It's like "meh" it's ok to have it, it's ok not to have it in your skincare routine.

Duration of use1 dat
PriceI don't know since I got this for free for review
feels clean after washing
doesn't dry out my face
not readily available in Philippines
Buy again?

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