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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Little Prince Themed Party

We were invited to a themed birthday party.  I love themed parties because there's an artistic and crafty aspect to it.

This post is to give inspirations to others who are planning to have a "The Little Prince" Themed party.  Elements here may give you an idea on how to decorate your party.

Let's begin with the room decorations:

When I hear the little prince theme, I thought the color scheme will be majority green.  But I was surprised to see blue themed party.  And it turned out well actually, maybe better.

The centerstage backpiece was really great! I especially love the glittery effect.  It made the stage really extravagant!

My most favorite piece of all is the cake! I think this is buttercream icing with gumpaste accent of the prince.

A red rose, golden vase bottle, with mini lamp and airplane really gives you memories of the book.

Of course the best part of any birthday celebration is the birthday celebrant himself! Baby Basti!  This will not materialise without you giving inspiration and happiness to your parents.

And it's satisfying to every parent to see that you appreciated and enjoyed what they did for you.  I'm sure there were lots of pictures which you would love to see when you grow older.

Thank you very much to Baby Basti and your loving family for inviting me and the other urology residents.

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