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Friday, May 12, 2017

Eres Tu My Daily Armor Brightening - Complex Sun Cream - First Impressions

I've got to lessen the length of my titles, why do some cosmetics have long names?? Enough ranting...

I bought this sunscreen in my trip to Cebu.  The main reason was, I did not notice that my Sulwhasoo sample got emptied while I was in Cebu.  Good thing SM Cebu is very near our hotel, so I was able to go to Watson's to and buy me some cosmetics.

I did not find a full size of this product, so I guess they only have this in sachet form.  This has a very bright pink colored sachet.

For me, its packaging is the greatest asset of this product.  It's perfect for travelling, in sachet form, will not take much space and the plastic tube above? It's resealable!  So it won't spill all over your things and you don't need to throw it away even if you haven't finished it up yet.
Cream smell,  with a very very mild smell of Coppertone
Cream type

This is thick and heavy to my liking.  It's also very sticky as well. In fact, when I tried to spread the product using my cushion puff, it felt really sticky.

Due to its high spf, this gives you white cast.

For me I'll just use this in the future, if I'm in a point of no other choice of sunscreen anymore.

Duration of use1 day
Sachet with recappable plastic cap - great for travelling
white cast
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