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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chulala Herbal Soap - First Impressions

This is one of the products sent by in exchange for honest review being an Alist for the month of April.

This is the first time I've heard of this product.  I'm assuming this is from Japan instructions and description at the back were only written in Japanese.

This comes in what looks like a recycled box packaging.  The product is 80g as written in the box.   The soap itself is round with slightly oval shape.

Mild herbal smell, didn't like it but the scent disappears quickly
The soap lathers pretty quickly and foam which is one of the characteristic I like.
I'm not sure what to expect with this product since I can't read all the claims hahaha and I'm too lazy to look at them in the website.

I first experimented it in removing makeup:
I tried dividing my face into two, one side, "double cleans side" I wiped off my makeup with makeup remover sheet and the other side still with makeup on.  When the soap lathers, it feels foamy on my face.  After which it kind of feels like it has a "brightening effect".  After washing my face, it feels squeaky clean.  My face feels soft after using it.

Here's a closeup view of my eye makeup:
  • Daiso eyebrow pencil
  • Ever Bilena eyeshadow
  • Etude House blush
  • Heroinemake Black Waterproof Eyeliner
  • HEroinemake Kissme Waterproof Mascara

As seen in the picure, it can remove pretty much most of my eye makeup, although there's still a tinge of black eyeliner and some mascara. So I think it can pass when used in double cleansing.

If we use it as a makeup remover alone, it can not remove the eyeliner and mascara, still with a little hint of the eyeshadow, but there's still some left.

I used it also in my body.  It make my skin feel squeaky clean but it feels kind of dry after using it.
Duration of use2 days
PriceI don't know since I got this for free for review
lathers well
feels squeacky clean
can be used in 2nd step of double-cleansing
Herbal smell
Drying to skin
Buy again?
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