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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

L'occitane Cherry Blossom Fresh Face Mist - Review

I got this L'occitane Cherry Blossom Fresh Face Mist as a patient care of one of our consultant's patient.  For non doctors, patient care is what we call the gift a patient gives his/her doctor out of appreciation for the doctor in saving his life or treating his disease, or even just making him comfortable during his illness.  When a doctor receives patient care, it really can make any doctor's day.  It's like a gold star you receive when you did well when you were in kindergarden.

This is a high end brand, so with my own money, I cannot afford from this brand, it's a great opportunity to receive this gift from a patient.

It's in a clear spray bottle with pink sticker label.  The sticker label has cherry blossoms illustrations in it.  This comes in 50 mL.

Cherry blossoms!
I'm not a mist type of person.  I actually don't use mist in refreshing my face nor to set my makeup.  So at first I actually thought of how am I to use this since I usually don't or forget to mist.

Until one day, I saw Ms Michelle Dy in one of her tutorials, she used a face mist as a base instead of a moisturizer.  So I tried this face mist as my first step in hydrating my face prior to makeup.  

And I love it!  Not only does it smell good, but since it's cherry blossom water, it's so lightweight.  And it actually does not affect the application of your makeup.  This is perfect for the Philippine heat! Especially now, during the summer.

What's good that I observed also was that since using this, I found that when I wash with Banila Co and Biore Uru Uru, it stings less to almost no sting at all.  I think this helped nourished my skin.

I have less dry patches also.
Duration of use1 month
Smells good!
Expensive (I got this as a gift, but on internet, P780)
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