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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Getting Lost in Xiamen

We went to Xiamen for 3 days and 2 nights.  But I decided not to include our 1st night since it consisted of our meeting.  So I'll just include in this post our 2 day itinerary.

To give you an idea of our trip:

  • We went in the month of May.
  • We stayed in the Pan Pacific Hotel
Day 1 - Meetings

We arrived in the hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel.  The hotel was really nice, clean, the staff are friendly also.  It's in commercial district, it's surrounded by a lot of banks and offices and high rise buildings. 

 We had a very fruitful meeting, a lot of plans discussed.

Day 2 - Gulangyu Island
 One of the main highlights in Xiamen Tour is to go to the Gu Lang Yu Island.  I like this island because it gives you a touch of nature with lots of trees and garden and at the same time, there's a place where you can shop for lots of xiamen local delicacies, handicrafts etc.

When we entered the island, there's a shop there selling lots of food! The buns are so cute, decorated in very cute animals.  We tried some street food as well.

We then went into a British office in the island.  It's like a British console converted into a museum.  There were holograms in the displays which added some spice into the typical and traditional statues and displays.
We then walked around the island.  There were lots of architectural beauties and gardens, there's also a memorial statue of a famous OB-Gyne which according to the tour guide, delivered around 50,000 babies of various races.
This statue represents the different races of the babies delivered by the OB-Gyne.  I forgot the name of the OB-Gyne sorry.
The thing I love about Xiamen, is the food! Their specialty is seafood and I love them!
Their delicious as well!

We then went into the Piano Museum, flash photography is prohibited inside.  They said that a total of 28 pianos were donated by a collector to the island.
I've never known so many pianos with different types during the years have been invented already. How great are these pianos and the geniuses who were behind these designs and inventions.

The main highlight of the trip which I would NEVER EVER Forget is....

I got lost!!! I lost the group on our way back!  I was paying for the refrigerator magnet, and when I looked up, I couldn't find them anymore! During this time, I was like:

I walked around the town and was like:
My last resort was to go back to the ferry pier and wait there for them to meet me.  Then when I was supposed to ask a shop saleslady on the way to go to the pier... One of the consultants called me, "Avelyn!" I was really relieved to see a familiar face!
We then went back in our bus feeling tired but happy.

Day 3 - Xiamen University
Luckily, a local helped us out and toured us around one the top 10 most beautiful universities of the world, Xiamen University.

What I love about this campus is that it's very romantic university.  There's a lake inside it and there's a 'lover's valley' and for me like in UST, a Lover's lane as well.
Here's their track & field, its really huge! And can cater to the students' different sports education.  Here we attempted to do a looking out portrait w/ Dr. Albano as my model 😆

Inside the campus is a very beautiful lake, it's so nice to have a touch of nature inside a university campus, no wonder it's one of the top 10 most beautiful universities.

We then had our lunch
You see the huge bowl of fish?! I tell you it's really delicious! So fresh and tasty.

After the Xiamen University, we went to the Zhongshan Road.  We only had a limited time though, since by 2pm we have to return to our hotel to check out and go to the airport.  I love the Zhongshan road, it's like a glimpse of Causeway bay of HK.  There were lots of shops of food, fashion, local delicacies, pasalubong etc.  Too bad we just had 30 minutes to enjoy the street.  Next time I have the chance to go back to Xiamen, I will be sure to go back to this road.

Truly I will not forget this xiamen trip!

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