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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Japonesque Dual Fiber Eye Brush Set - Review

I started my eye makeup development, with the free sponge applicator included in some eye shadow palettes.  I think I was still in high school during that time.

Then I started to use the Elf Eyeshadow brush.  It's relatively affordable for a student and during that time I kind of love it.

Until I bought the Etude House Eyeshadow brush.  It was pink and soft when I apply it on my eyelids.  But I became disappointed the moment I started cleaning the Etude House Eyeshadow Brush, I don't know what happened to the bristles, but they hurt my eyelid.  It's like the feeling of a strand of brush that's too stiff for your eyelids.

When I went to Beauty Bar I saw these brushes on display, with samples for you to test.  I touched them and "Oh my! Ang Lambot!" (Oh my! So Soft!)

I was disappointed when I saw the price: P1,150.  I never spent that much on a makeup brush.  But I bought it anyways.

Packaging This has black plastic packaging, with dual color, black and white at the tip. I love the dual color of the white, because when I clean them, I could see if they're really clean since the color will turn white if it's clean enough.

LengthWhat I love about this is that it's travel-friendly.  The length is around 12cm.  I love that this can fit a pouch which I can carry with me in my travels.

Once I tried this, I said, I will never go back to ELF, never go back to Etude House.  And I'm willing to spend another P1150 if ever I need to replace them or if they get lost.  It's so smooth and soft on the eyelids! They're very gentle to your eyes.  And they can relatively pick up a decent amount of eyeshadow just enough for your everyday look.

Remember my problem with the Etude House? It started to hurt my eyes when I started cleaning my brushes.  But with this one, I've been using this for more than 1 yr already and I've cleaned them a lot of times already.  I haven't experienced fall out for these brushes and they still maintained their softness and smoothness of application.

Is the price worth it? Yes! In fact I just bought a new set to give to my younger sister as a gift for her birthday.
Duration of use> 1 yr
PricePhp 1,150 ($23) from Beauty Bar
Really Soft and gentle on my eyes
My holy grail Eyeshadow brush!
Expensive but worth it
Buy again?
Recommend?Yes! It's worth it!

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