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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Aeria Skin: Even-Tone Brightening Face Mask Sheet

I received this as one of the products sent by Amabie to me for free to give an honest review. I was lucky to be part of their Alist the past month.  Don't know how that happened since I am only a newbie in reviewing cosmetic products.  Anyways I feel honored to be part of their Alist.

This has a peachy brown foil sachet packaging.  It's great that even if this was made in Taiwan, there's English written so I can understand it.

Citrusy and herbal-like smell
Mask SheetCotton Face Mask Sheet, this is thicker than you regular face mask sheet from Innisfree and Leaders in Solution.

For me the face mask sheet is a little thick for me.  The size also is a little big for my face as you can see in the picture.
When I placed the face mask sheet over my face it felt cool and a little bit sticky compared to my usual Leaders in Solution.

As you can see, in the left picture, is my face just recently cleaned.  And the right picture showed my face after placing the face mask sheet for 45 minutes.

Is it just me or something?  My face after using it looked brighter!  And I didn't use any filter for the right picture.
PriceI got this for free for honest review
Pros Looks promising on the 'brightening' claim
Cons citrus herb-like smell, didn't like it
Buy again? No
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