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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soccer Coasters

I'm sick, without my voice, headache, persistent cough, w/ colds and febrile yup I think I'm coming with a flu.  So I was absent.  I'm stuck inside my dorm feeling terrible and drinking chinese medicine concoctions and western medicine, yeah, I'm desperate to feel better.  Hopefully this will all go away by tomorrow, because I'm on duty tomorrow!

I decided, I have to at least do something light, so as not to feel so worthless.  So I made soccer coasters!

Materials I used in this project:
felt cloth
Sharpie Rub-a-dub laundry marker

  1. I first printed a soccer pattern which I got over the net.
  2. I  cut the pattern & traced it on top of the felt
  3. Then I colored the black pentagons and lines with the sharpie marker.

Finished Product:

Normally I would have used black felt and cut the pentagons and then sew them to the white felt fabric.  But I just realized I'm out of black felt fabric and that I feel I'll vomit if I try to sew the pieces together, so this I think is a shortcut way of making coasters.

Or.... an even easier way is to print out a picture of the soccer and then cut it, have it laminated.
And you can even try other pictures as well, like KUROMI!!!!!!

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