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Monday, May 16, 2016

Tony Moly Lip Scrub - Review

I have really dry lips, so dry that chappy lips are common with me unless I had lip balm on.  It's so dry that sometimes it hurts.

I searched the net and found out that I need to use a lip scrub to remove the dead skin cells of my lips. There were a lot of DIY in the youtube, but I decided it will be more expensive to buy all the individual products to make a DIY.  So I decided just to buy one commercially available lip scrub.

I bought my Tony Moly Lip Scrub for php 348.00.
  • Packaging
Packaging is really cute! It is contained in a lip-shaped plastic container.  You twist the top lip off to open the product.  After which, you see a lid covering the product itself, which I like since it's more sanitary.

  • Consistency
There were microbes in the product.  It feels a white buttery cream, a little thick and sticky.

  • Application
It's relatively easy to apply, you can feel the microbes scrubbing your lips when applied.  It has a sweet last mell which is not bothering.  I tasted it, no taste.   I tried this out for 2 weeks, once a week.
Sorry I don't have a picture of the after using it.  From the before picture, I still have a residue of my Peripera's Lip ink.  And after the lip scrub, it removed my Peripera's Lip ink from my lips.  I guess this is a way to remove the product, since it's so hard to remove when used makeup remover alone.  After using the product, I felt my lips smoother although there were still some dry skin left.  You'll feel you've applied like a layer of lip balm after washing the scrub off.  So you won't feel that your lips were stripped off by the scrub.  So I guess that's a plus.

  • Recommendations
I will definitely recommend this to those who have really dry lips.   I will buy this again if I used it all up

  • Con - Pricey
  • Rating - 7/10

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