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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I think I wanna cosplay Kairi

I've been searching cosplay characters that I can cosplay. Then I came across kairi from kingdom hearts 2. I soooo love her outfit! I mean it's really cute!

So I decided, if ever matuloy ako in participating sa cosplay, I wanna be kairi. I've talked to some of my friends & they agreed to join me in the cosplay too. They're just waiting for my go signal. Why? Because I have to ask permission from my parents, because I'll be spending & borrowing my mom's sewing machine. I planned on making my own costume. Hopefully I can make it & also make it in time.

My target date is on Nov 8, as suggested by vyron. I originally thought that I'll just wear the kairi on Nov 28 if ever I can help sis nuni in selling in the bazaar. But since my schedule is unpredictable, I set my deadline on Nov 8, because on Nov 8, I'm still on semestrab break, our toxic life in school starts at nov 11.

I'm really excited on making this costume. To tell you the truth, it's the process of making the costume that I'm more excited than the cosplay itself. In fact, I haven't played kingdom hearts 2. I played kingdom hearts 1 before, but didn't finish it. I don't have the patience in playing RPGs for some reason.

To tell you the truth also, I haven't tried making a costume or sewing a dress or any clothing... Never tried cosplaying also.... I'm a little nervous but excited =D

Sana pumayag parents ko... tska sana matuloy to...
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