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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Innisfree Promegranate Mask

This is one of my face mask sheet hauls from Hong Kong. Applying face mask sheets are really relaxing.  I'm still recovering from lack of sleep and having face mask sheets can in some sort of way, calm your senses.

Innsfree It's real Squeeze Mask Promegranate

PS: I'm blogging through my mobile, so forgive the raw images and their quality.

 Packaging Looks simple. I think less is better anyways for sheet masks. It claims to make your skin firm and supple.
 ScentMild peachy scent
 Mask SheetRegular Cotton Mask Sheet

Feels cool to the skin when applied.  I'm concerned with the quality of the sheet mask, I tried to readjust the sheet mask while 90% already on my face, and the sheet mask tore a little bit.
 Immediate after Immediately after removing the sheet mask (30 min), it left my soft, a little sticky, light feeling.
Morning afterMade my skin moisturized and soft, a lottle sticky
 Price Php 50, if I convert the $hk to peso when I bought this
 Rating 6/10, So-so sheet mask
Recommend? Um...? Maybe for the price.. There are better sheet masks available

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