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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cord wrappers

Everyday When I go to the hospital, I see a man sitting a wheelchair, selling novelty items, like id case, wallets, bone ballpens etc.  I admire his perseverance and his dedication to earn a living despite his disability. Recently, I saw him offer a new product, which is the cord wrapper. It's like a small phone cird which you could wrap around your chargers to protect the ends from bending. It gives it a sturdier support.

You can buy the cord wrappers as P20 per piece, butyou can buy 3 poeces for P50. I don't care if it's cheaper in Divisoria, because I have no plans of going tere this christmas season, it's haywire thre, besides, it's christmas, might as well as help this guy earn his living.

This one I made for Doc Emong

Yeah, I was in the transition of being duty and from when I made this, as evicenced by my ward notes.

Hope you like it doc!
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