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Sunday, November 30, 2014

PUA 2014

Today marked day 6 as a urology resident, my 2 years stay as a gs resident was fun and memorable, now I realized, "THIS IS IT PANCIT, Uro na!"

Last Nov 26, marked the opening of PUA convention, it's my first time to attend a PUA convention. I think we're kind of lucky this year since as 1st year, at least Ivan and I were able to attend the convention even only on certain days as compared past years were the 1st years are alway the ones who will cover in hospital.

I was able to attend paper presentations of residents and luckily we got 3rd place. Well good narin, because 2 of papers presented by dr alpajaro got prizes each. Hehe.
For the 2nd day I was on duty but it was alumni night so I attended the alumni night also.
3rd day was a series of lectures and fellowship night, we were not able to go home right away since the taxis refuse to take us to ust due to heavy traffic. This was really frustrating, I vowed when I get rich either I'll have a car to drive my own, or I'll have a 24/7 on call driver always.

I think the real highlight for me of the convention was the alumni night.  I was able to meet the other ust graduate urologists. And despite making a fool of myself in the presentation, I was actually honored to meet them. It's like a family. Hopefully I will be successful as them when I graduate.

I think this one is one of the best shots

Good lyck to us!

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