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Friday, March 18, 2016

Craft Fail - customized WIFI skin

Learning is a process of success & failures. I think it's time I also place my failures here, so that other crafters may learn from my mistakes.

I made a customized wifi device skin last 2012(Customized WIFI Skin).With the advent of 4g and LTE internet, I bought another 4G compatible device, which did not last long since my senior resident lost it when he borrowed it.  So time to use again my old wifi device.

Now comes how the skin survived the times...

The vinyl sticker is still intact, it still protects the wifi device, but the print already melted. Probably from the heat of the battery when turned on.

Lessons learned: 
Can't use inkjet printer ink, to skins that will be placed to devices that produce heat.

Til the next craft project!
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