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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Peripera Lip Ink Tint - First Impression Review

I've been looking for a long-lasting lip product.  After trying Philippine brand, US brands and Korean brands... finally! I've found the one that is long-lasting for me.

I'm a busy person, being a resident in a hospital demands lots of work and I don't have time to worry about my makeup.  So something long-lasting is perfect for my lifestyle.

I got my Peripera Lip Ink from Korean Cosmetics PH.  The shade I got was #1 - It Lips.  I was looking for #2 (Get the eye) but during that time, it was out of stock.  Will try to purchase the #2 in the future. It comes with a lip remover as a set.

It comes in a very cute ink bottle! Size is small to fit in your pouch.  It is 8 cm tall, 2 cm diameter, 2 cm width.  It is a little bulky to fit in your pocket, but it's ok to put in your pouch or bag.  The applicator is a doe foot applicator.  It was easy to control when applying to your lip.

It's like a liquid tint with gel consistency.

Extremely pigmented! It was neon pink, very bright, too eye-catching =D.

Full Lip:

Ombre Lip

   Most long-lasting lip product I've tested.
   Easy for the ombre look
   No waxy feeling

   Drying for the lips - need to apply lip balm on top
   Very Difficult to remove... The lip remover doesn't work well for it.  Ever Bilena make-up remover works well to it though which in a way is good since Ever Bilena is not an expensive make-up remover

Will I purchase again? - Definitely, at different shade
Will I recommend? - Definitely
Rating: 10/10

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