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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Banila Co Clean It Zero - Review

I'm really crazy with makeup right now.  I think majority of my salary is going to makeups.  I remove my make-up with Ever Bilena Eye & Makeup remover.  It's really affordable and it does its job.

While I was watching youtube, I saw this product which they're considering as their holy grail and can't live without.  So I was intrigued with how much good is this product anyways? And why spend a lot on a makeup remover?

I searched instagram and was able to find it online and on-hand.  I got mine for P860 for a 100g tub from @msbeautyaddict (Facebook: msbeautyaddict). She's very accommodating and I love how smooth the transaction went.

Let's start with the review:


It comes in a pink box, which is really cute and once you opened the box, you get a plastic tub with pink lid.  The packaging is really cute, simple and elegant.  It comes with a plastic spatula to scoop the product so it's more hygienic.  I'm worried though that I may lose the spatula as the time goes on.

It has a sherbet consistency, like a balm. But once you applied it to your face, it melts into your skin into oily consistency.

First Impressions Review:

You'll only need a very little amount probably a 25 cents size of the product. When I applied it, it felt oily in my skin, it has a very nice fruity scent. Upon application, it melt away my make-up.  But it was unable to remove my peripera lip ink.  I was worried that the oil will stay on my face and I hate the feeling of oil in my skin.  When I washed my face, I was surprised that there was no oily feeling on my skin.  My face felt smooth and soft and feeling washed with dirt and all the impurities.  It's like I had a facial treatment.

5 days after review:
I tried it for 5 consecutive days to give a better review of the product.  Everytime I use it, I feel refreshed and clean afterwards.

There's one major con though with this product which I noticed after the first day of using it... It blurs your vision for a brief moment right after rinsing the balm!!!!!! It can be a really scary experience! After a few seconds probably 30 sec to 1 min, your vision will return back to normal.

easy to use
leaves skin smooth, soft and clean

gives blurred vision after rinsing for a few seconds

Overall rating: 9/10 - minus 1 for the blurring of vision
Will I recommend this? YES!
Will I buy again? Maybe? - I wanted to explore other brands first
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