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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Lips Eat Cherry - The Face Shop Review

I'm really sad. I felt so worthless, everything I did in the surgery was wrong, and what's worse, my junior is better at assisting than me.  How can you learn to be better if you're not given chances to learn?

Anyways, someone advised me to do some blogging to take my mind of from the sadness...

Since I'm into lip tints, one of my hoards for my birthday was this, one of my interns recommended me with this tint, saying that it stays in your lips, and gives you that natural red lips.

It comes in bullet glass tube, block cover with attached doe foot applicator.

It comes in 3 shades, bloody red, juicy red and juicy cherry.  I bought bloody red.  It has a purple undertone to it, and is the darkest of the three. I like that it has a 'natural' look when you wear it.

Consistency: Watery

Longevity: 4-6 hours, kiss-proof, NOT food proof

Since it was watery, it has a tendency to run to the sides of your lips and go beyond your lip line.  Smooth application, slightly difficult to achieve the gradient lip vs peri's ink, mainly because of its consistency that it's watery.

This has the tendency to dry my lips.  You'll have a tightening sensation of your lips when you applied it.


  • 'Natural'-looking lips
  • Easy to remove
  • kiss-proof
  • last fairly 4 hours

  • drying on the lips and feeling of tightening my lips
  • Not food proof
Will I recommend? - Yes, if you prefer low maintenance make-up
Will I repurchase? - No, still loves the Peri's ink
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