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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

I celebrated my birthday last March 12.  Since residency, I always celebrate my birthday in the hospital.  It's not that bad actually, because you're together with your co-residents.  I usually ask my sister or my mom to deliver food in the hospital to celebrate my birthday with my consultants.  This is the time when they get a taste of my sister's blueberry cheesecake which I really love and so far no blueberry cheesecake has won over it, and also her delicious cupcakes.

This year, I decided to celebrate differently.  Well I got not much of a choice anyways, my birthday fell on a saturday, and saturdays are what we residents call as "Bolong Day" meaning, this is the day when most of Dr Bolong's Surgeries are done.  So I was in the OR since 2pm until 7pm.  In the morning, I attended a research workshop until 12nn then I headed back to UST for the surgeries.

It was a busy day, the CD residents are worried over a toxic post-op patient.  Pay Uro residents are all in the Operating room.  I'm not expecting any special treatment or celebration.  In fact, I wasn't announcing that it was my birthday since I don't have food to offer the people.

I was thinking that no one will remember.  Who am I anyways for people to remember my birthday.  So I decided to give myself gift/s so that somehow I'll be happy and opening presents.

Korean Makeup Of Course!

But this year's birthday is full of surprises....

  1. With the advent of Facebook.  I think, around more than 100 people greeted me happy birthday, which I truly appreciate.  I didn't expect them to know.
  2. I was surprised also to receive tops and pillow case from my parents.
  3. I was surprised to get something from my co-residents, a cake! I didn't expect that guys would remember these things.

4. The best surprised came also.... 

It was so sweet of him to surprise me with 3 purple tulips, even if he's on duty.

I felt so special on my birthday!

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