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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Skin 79 Air Cushion Foundation - First Impression Review

I went to Hong Kong last week with the Section of Urology to have our team-building.  It was nice to get away from the hospital once in a while. 

Of course you have to shop in Hong Kong! I went to SaSa and hoarded tons of Korean makeup.  I was kind of looking for the Lineage or the cute Alice in Wonderland Beyond Air Cushion, or Hera Air cushion, but there was no tester in the store, and I'm not sure what shade I am... So I asked help from the saleslady and she offered me Skin 79 instead.  She told me since I'm on the younger age group, this is more appropriate for me, while the Lineage and Beyond caters to older age group, according to her. (Bubble thought, maybe she thinks I'm still in high school, I get that a lot).  

Anyways, this is my first air cushion. I've watched lots of youtube videos on how it works and the amazing science and concept behind it.  Plus, the fact that the idea came from stamping in crafting amazes me!

I got the shade 21 - Bright

This cushion foundation claims 5 in 1 multi cushion:
1  UV protection SPF 50+ PA+++
2  Whitening
3  Anti-wrinkle
4  Foundation
5  Moisture Care

Well let's see... As for the packaging...

It has a plastic pastel blue cover with mirror.  Like other air cushion, the base can be pushed to refill. It was pretty simple and decent.

When I first applied it to my face, it was light coverage.  It gives you the 'natural glow' look, dewy and natural-looking.  This is perfect for your everyday make-up.  It was really light-weight.  I don't feel like I have something in my face when I used it.

Scent - none

Is it long-lasting? - Yes, it lasted a whole day with me, with no retouch.
Here are pictures of the product in comparison with bare face, 1 layer, 3 layers and after 12 hours of wearing it.

Dewy finish

Very light coverage

Recommend? - Yes
Will I buy again? - Yes, but will try other air cushions first, to find the perfect air cushion for me. 
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