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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Aritaum Water Sliding Tint - First Impression Review

I've been crazy over korean make-ups.  I really love Korean make-ups, because I felt like their products matches my skin tone, and they're cheaper than US makeup products.

I've heard lots of good reviews on the Aritaum lip tints line.  So I bought one online from Facebook: Korean Cosmetics PH. They have few shades available on hand when I bought this, but they accept preorders.

I got the Aritaum Water Sliding Tint #3 - Sweet Heart.  
First Impression:
General Appearance & Packaging: 
It has a fragrant sweet smell, not overpowering.  You'll hear a click everytime you click to raise some of the product.  It claims it raises it 1mm, which is just enough for your lips.  
WARNING: Once you click to raise the product, you CAN'T retract it again. It's locked.  So be careful not to over-click or over twist the product.


Application & Longevity:
The tint lasted for 6-7 hours.  It's not kiss proof, some of the tint transferred to my hand when I performed the kiss-proof test, but it's very light only.  Some product also transfers to the glass I'm drinking, but barely noticeable.  Upon application it LITERALLY glides onto your lips, it was very smooth and very moisturizing.  This is perfect for those with dry lips.  The feeling of the tint is very light and really moisturizing.  I love how it feels on my lips.

After the 1st hour, the "shine or gloss" wears off, and leaves your lips a very light tint.  This is perfect for everyday use.

Will I purchase this product again? - Definitely
Will I recommend this? - YES!

PS: My lip profile - dry
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