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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Conquering Fear: Watercolor Pen

When I was a kid, my favorite materials for coloring are: colored pencils > crayons > poster paint > oil pastels.

Watercolor well, it didn't work out. I hated the brush included in the kit, when I was a kid I didn't like the mess I make in my paper when I try the watercolors, and the colors were light.

Then as I was in my 3rd year residency (urology 1st year), adult-coloring is a trend. Then I discovered the water pen. 

To whoever invented the water pen, BLESS YOU!!! You should win an award for your contribution to the arts & craft world. I can was able to color w/ watercolors at last!

This was colored with pure watercolors only! Isn't it great?!

I'll try out more!
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