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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Philippine Urology Residency Induction Series

2015 was the year I start as a first year resident in Urology.  I'm in the straight program of UST Urology.  This training program consists of 2 years of general surgery residency then 4 years of urology proper.

When you're 1st year, you're again back to the bottom of the hierarchy.  So you get to undergo a series of induction 'ceremonies'.  For Urology 1st year, this consists of 3 in total for your first year, and another one for your 2nd year.

So let's start with the first one.

This is the PURA (Philippine Urology Residents Association) Induction.  Here they welcome you as a new member of the PURA.  I personally think PURA is a great idea.  If you want to get in touch with other urology residents of other institutions, you just tap into PURA and you're sure to get good results.

For 2015, the theme of the PURA induction is BURLESQUE.  So you have to give a video presentation to introduce yourselves and at the induction night, you have to give a presentation relating to the theme.  There's a video of the presentation which I will not post in public hahaha. It's one of those times you wouldn't want others to see it.  And yes, we had a burlesque theme dance routine, music, and yes again, I took my clothes off literally one by one (but not up to completely off). It was nice that all my seniors were there to support us. I have a batch mate, Ivan (with nickname Yvon) who is in the rightmost of the picture.

The 2nd induction ceremony is from NKTI's Talent Show, they call it Talentadong Uro.  But this year is different, they adapted the Your Face Sounds Familiar format and called it Uro Face Sounds Familiar. This was hard, since none of my talents are in the category of singing or dancing.  But hey, this is like cosplay, you get to dress up and act like someone else.  I consulted my most trusted hairstylist and he said, I should be Vilma Santos since we're both petite and of fair complexion.

For the performance I was able to check youtube and found this Caronia ad by Vilma Santos.  The steps were easy to learn and the performance was short. 

Another great point of this was that I was able to insert some craft project into it.  Her hairpiece, the orange flower, I made my own to match with my costume.

Here's my finished get-up

I won 3rd place in this competition.  Yup, there's a video also of the presentation, which I will not post in public. Hahaha!

For the 3rd and last for the year 2015, it's the Mr & Ms Urology Pageant.  This is the most grand of all induction series.  You'll spend some money and this is to my surprise with legit pageant format.

Of course not always do we have a Female Urology resident, so in the pageant I was the only legitimate Ms Urology.  In other institutions where they have male urology resident, they look for their own partners, either a professional dancer, a beautiful nurse, a co-resident, an intern, a junior intern, etc.

What I love with this pageant was that the theme for the year was "Victorian". It was always been my dream to wear a victorian inspired dress.  And I was given the opportunity for this event.  I was giddy like a child when I was able to wear the balloon dress.

This was our costume for the photoshoot

And then for the pageant proper, this consisted of 4 parts. 1st was the Victorian Dress.
This was my most favourite of all the costume.

The 2nd part was the talent portion.  We did synchronised swimming. =D. No pictures, for this part sorry.

For the 3rd part, it was the formal dress part.

The 4th part was the swimsuit part.  For the first time ever in my life, I wore a two piece bikini.  It was new for me... and I'm not very comfortable with it.

No close-up for this part of the competition.  Of course judging from the tall and lean other contestants, I lost in this competition.  But, my thinking during that time was... Let's get this over with, I'm really tired.  Kudos to the professional models, walking on runway in very high heels is quite tiring.

This year's last induction series will be the body painting contest.  Again, it's artsy so I can't wait for it =D. 
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